Monday, December 31, 2007

An Unhealthy Obsession?

Santa brought me a new Vanity Fair magazine for Christmas. I enjoy this magazine, only because I'm a sucker for tabloid. I particularly enjoy the trials and tribulations of the enviably rich and the mayhem that ensues from life's excesses. I find it entertaining. Also, I don't have long patches of time now where I can read, so that's how it is.

So of course I latch right on to the tale of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan. I'm reluctant to even type their names here lest I incur some sort of wrath be it supernatural or other. Just a normal pair of hipsters living their lives, being successful in Los Angeles, a city which I am also obsessed with.

I'll just say that the pair both committed suicide a week apart, and I might remember some snippit of this thing unfolding at the end of July, except that I was preoccupied with the upcoming birth of my boy.

Basically, I have spent a disgusting amount of time on these two deceased individuals, poring over every fact about their lives, and deaths.

I really don't feel like posting links to sources that I have read as I feel somewhat guilty,dirty,overly curious,pathetic,and exhilerated that I am engaging in such Schadenfreude.
First I honed up on the so called "facts" and "conspiracy theories", somewhat venturing into a world of haters. So many buzzards circling around. I tried to read and ignore what was necessary for me to NOT feel completely soulless, but who's kidding who, sometimes the dark is seductive.
To me, it is a mystery unfolding on the internet. There is a movie here, but I'm certainly not writing it. I will be moving on sometime in the near future.

I've recently tired of one particular blog as it was starting to feel too negative.
Also, how much time do I really want to spend on one dead blog. Goodbye to that one.

Now I've gone right to the source. Interesting in it's own merit, but certainly not worthy of the hype bestowed upon it. I have been rifling through, snooping on comments and getting obsessed with the Lunar Society. The whole premise of a secret society being very Pynchonesque in itself. I find many of the posts interesting and hilarious. Maybe I see a little of myself there. Not the glam or the blonde, but the interests. The music, the critical theory, the psychoanalysis,French New Wave,punk rock,consumption and criticism of pop culture,all that good stuff I went to University to learn. All from someone I never knew who took their own life.

I borrowed these lovely images from her blog.

Happy New Year, she shouted into the void!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


OK, so I've still got the damn pink eye.

What the hell?!
Why am I the only one in the family with this damn annoying goopy eye business?
I'm thinking it's because I touched a donkey at the Christmas Train night and then promptly stuck my finger in my eye?!

Whatever.....I just don't take too kindly to foreign bacteria invading my body.
Gonna break down and go to the doctor later.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things are getting interesting

There has been one confirmed case of chicken pox at the daycare. Lovely.
Children covered in pustules. I wonder what an infant with chicken pox looks like? Can you still kiss him? I don't think that I can refrain.

That is all. I am too lazy to make a proper post with link thingys. Sic.

After 3 days of headache, a grotesque eye infection, general lethargy and other, I'm now a phlegm manufacturing machine. It is gross.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Roots of Empathy

Last Thursday, my son and I had our Roots of Empathy gig at Strathcona School. It's a great program that hopes to build peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy.
The idea is that by raising levels of empathy, you will encourage more respectful and caring relationships and reduce levels of bullying and aggression. Their program runs for 9 months, with my son being the 'teacher' at 9 different in class get togethers. I've listened to people bash the public school system, yet do nothing, and this seems like a good program, so I decided to get involved.

Someone asked me to do it when our first child was born, but I was such a mama bear back then. I was wayyyyy too over protective. Now it's fun. The kids in kindergarden are SO cute. They are all so into the baby that it's insane.

And wouldn't you know it, but the littlest E is mugging for the camera and making eyes at the teacher. It definitely leaves us both feeling positive and happy when we leave the school. I'll bet it does the same for that entire class and so on.

I've always felt this 'optimism' associated with kids. I guess it's their potential and the possibility for change that I'm referring to. Makes me glad I had kids!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kids on GHB: wanna party?

OK, so if you haven't heard, one of the most popular toys of the year has been recalled because of it's links to the "date rape" drug.

Are you freaking' kidding me?

I mean, what are the odds of this occurring?! Could they not find any other contaminant with which to poison our kids? Is lead passe now?

I always wondered about a toy with tiny little dots being around creatures that put everything into their mouths. Two kids that ingested these things slipped into comas. Scary. This was Australia's Toy of the Year!!

Not to overstate the obvious, but remember what it did to Nick Nolte who took this while dating himself?

Monday, November 05, 2007

In Celebration of Mark Szabo

*Disclaimer: I'm not a record reviewer.

Recently, some people I know made an album celebrating the songwriting talents of local curmudgeon and hair farmer Mark Szabo. He's probably one of Vancouver's best kept under wraps songwriter. Did that come out right? And though I hardly ever see him anymore, I still enjoy the odd exchange on the streets of Vancouver.

Speaking musically, I came in around the time of Good Horsey. They were a great 3 piece that continues to inhabit my mind in the form of musical phrases.
Max Lee on drums is always a good thing.

Capozzi Park was next, with "Chocolate Covered Bad Things" and "The Record of Capozzi Park" . I think there were some tapes floating around too. Maybe there still are. It's laid back, and diverse, and cynical, and hopeful, and at this point, I'm looking back in I'm drifting off...
Mark has a great way of capturing life: snapshots, snatches of conversation that transport you to a poignant place in your own history. It's urbane and emotionally universal. Or at least it seems that way to me.

Here's a version of Daytime Emmy with both Mark and Marcie on vocals. This would be ....I dunno when....almost 10 years ago? d'OH!
I'm glad that I've retrieved them from the back of my dusty CD collection which is stored away and unusable.

So all these years later, a project called Heartbreak Scene was started. Their CD is called The Szabo Songbook. I was stoked to see the number of noteworthy folks contributing: Mike Ledwidge(Zumpano), Pete Bourne(where do I start...), Mark Kleiner(Jungle), Dan Bejar( al) to name a few, but not all that appear throughout.
Yes!! I know!!

There were only a couple of tracks that I didn't know, most absorbed through osmosis during blurry, happy times at Ms T's and the Anza club. Back in the salad days of indie rock......there I go again.
The Anza has always been one of my favourite places to quietly, or not so quietly get drunk and observe the mating ritual, or glasses grabbing fist fight, whatever was written into the evening by Fate.
Some day I will know who that was.
So it's no surprise that all this reflection of late has certainly made me stop and take note of the talent that is Mark. Just thought I'd say that.

One of the songs that I didn't recognize on the album is (Some Kind of)Watershed. It can hold it's own in any Pitchfork review I'd say. Don't you agree?
For $10 and with the Canadian Dollar so strong, you really should pick this up!
Franklin Bruno writes a fantastic opener that pretty much sums it all up.
That alone speaks volumes.
Do It!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I received an email from someone that I've known a long time asking why my blog had stopped. It was hilarious, because I didn't think that anyone was reading at all. Especially not a friend from University that is living in Ottawa. Big Ups Yerself Sandra!!

Mostly I treat this as some kind of ranting therapy about my crazy neighbourhood, but I got bored, so I stopped.
Or I guess you could say that I got busy....real busy, with another life form.

If there are any Built to Spill fans out there, and there must they just played here in Vancouver, I have uploaded something for you. Strange. It's not exactly the real thing, but Boise Cover Band, a side project of Doug Martsh.

We are enjoying some of that here when we're taking a break from the ska/dub.

I had something funny happen with my Flickr™ account. As is customary, I had posted a pic of some people smoking crack and carrying on in front of my house. Someone on Flickr™ identified the person by name and made some comment about how their girlfriend wouldn't be happy to see such a thing. Her boyfriend smoking crack on the street I suppose.

I decided to remove the post as I didn't feel that it was appropriate to have someone outing him by name on the internets and volunteering his personal information. After doing this, I received a self righteous angry email from the person determined to "tell his story" on my photo sharing site.

Um, no.
I don't feel too cool about creating a place for others to tell other people's stories.

This person was pissed, and said "I thought that at least one of your subjects would have the oppourtunity to have the truth told about them".
Um, wrong.
Yes, everyone has a story, but no, you cannot tell it for them. Sorry to take away your chance to tell all, but it would be better for him to do the revealing, and not some third person account of his 'truth'.

Oh the controversy!
I guess these things are to be expected.

Chain Gang. Another good cover from one of the crabbiest ladies in Rock 'N Roll. Boise Cover Band does it good!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

It's my birthday...

...and the street life's gift to me was stealing my last Iris.

I cannot explain how violent I felt towards any potential flower theif that I saw today.

I guess my only solution is to remove all of the flowering plants from my garden and return them to the nice friend who gave them to me.

It is just too discouraging.

I seriously saw myself running down the street with my field hockey stick in my hand looking for heads to crack.

Maybe this year will be the year that I mellow out, but it's doubtful! ha ha!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gangsta Stylin'

Last night we were grilling some dinner outside and we heard a pop.
It sounded like a gun shot. Not a rifle though, which I remember as echoing and reverberating throughout the fields during my childhood years.

I said to my man, "wow, that sure sounded like a gunshot".
So this afternoon as I was walking my dog, it was confirmed.
One of our local drug dealer types was wearing his gun in the front of his pants like a cool guy, and he shot his cajones off.

Guess we won't be seeing him for awhile.

I wonder if this is the genius in quesion?!

Monday, April 30, 2007

How apropos...

Yeah, what's there to worry about really?!

Monday, April 23, 2007

the possibilities are endless....

My child had some soiled clothes come home from her daycare in one of those small shopping bags from a large department store.
When I unpacked them, I found a receipt, so of course I had a look.

How funny to find a half dozen thongs had been cash no less.
Very interesting.

I can't imagine which parent left this bag at the daycare.
I have a sneaking suspicion that it's the mom who is always showing off her arm pits and touching her bare stomach etc, but it really could be anyone.

Gonna just leave that one alone now...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I've fallen into a K-hole...

K-Hole-The Silver Jews

I found this news nugget fascinating.

$63,000 award for drug overdose
Last Updated: Thursday, April 12, 2007 | 9:25 AM PT
CBC News

A B.C. judge has ordered the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to pay $63,000 in damages to a Campbell River man who had a near-death experience after being given an overdose of a painkiller.

Bradley Weafer, 38, got the overdose of ketamine, which is also used as an anesthetic, after undergoing back surgery at Vancouver General Hospital in 2001.

He was supposed to get three millilitres an hour of the drug. Instead he got the whole 500-millilitre bag in five minutes.

When the nurse went back to check on him after setting up an intravenous drip, she found Weafer unresponsive and making jerky motions.

In court, Weafer recalled being sucked into black tunnels. It was hot and scary, he said, adding he saw his life flash before him, felt being born and placed in his mother's arms. He also said he saw God.

Weafer also testified he had suffered brain damage.

Several witnesses including a psychiatrist supported his claim.

But B.C. Supreme Court Justice Frank Cole said the witnesses failed to establish Weafer had a brain injury.

He also ruled that they did not adequately consider the former social worker's previous health problems — everything from migraine headaches to leg pains.

But the judge agreed Weafer had suffered a near-death experience that was terrifying and caused a great deal of stress and anxiety.

He awarded him $55,000 for the psychological trauma plus another $8,000 in damages.

Friday, April 13, 2007

This is my new favourite song.....

It does the trick.

You know that once it has broken on the CBC it is old news, but I don't care.
I haven't seen the video, so I hope that it's not offensive.

ha ha!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

No, The Customer is NOT Always Right

Date: April 13, 2007
Time: 09:00
Location: Superintendent's Office

"The purpose of the interview is discuss the incident on March 14, 2007, at approximately 10:35 am, on the 2900 block of Woodland Drive, when you were verbally abusive to a customer and called her a bitch while in uniform. Furthermore, at the fore-mentioned incident you also threatened to pepper spray her tied up dog."

Let me just say...BULLSHIT.
The only thing factual about this synopsis is that I was indeed in uniform.
It is tremendously frustrating when your employer would rather take the word of some jackass on the street who is obviously fabricating some tale, over their employee who they've known for years.
Or not.
Our latest boss, or commandant as some have called her is all about "respect in the work place" but refuses to hear my side of the story and would rather take the word of a total stranger and prejudge the interview process in this manner. I'm pissed that I am being called a liar, and I'm pissed that some idiot walking their pit bull off leash might have an impact of my finances should I be suspended without pay.
It's not the dog I hate, but the feckless owner who insists, "she would never bite".
Well, you don't know that, and I'm not taking any chances, so put a leash on it.
I'm a dog lover!! All dogs...and I don't support a ban or anything like that, but when I'm working, I don't need to meet your dog off leash.

This is the Kafkaesque nature of the Post Office.
Nothing makes sense, so just get used to it.

It's really not a bad job, but the poor management that makes it so.

Found a remix version of the Stars album that I played to death last year.
I particularly like Final Fantasy's cover of Your Ex Lover Is Dead.

Check it out

Monday, April 09, 2007

Road Rage

To the redneck rageAholic who wanted to run down a pregnant lady and her dog in the middle of the intersection: I know you're in a big hurry to get home and beat your wife, but it's WHORE (hoare) not WHORE (hoor)....get it right dumbass.

This is why women need to carry guns.

You certainly didn't wipe the smile off of my face remains a beautiful day despite all of the underendowed men in giant trucks driving in our city.
Get thee back to Surrey, or Alberta.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter Eveyone

It has been positively loony around the 'hood lately.
Early last night I heard someone upon looking out the door, I saw a woman walking down the sidewalk hunched over and grabbing at the back of her head. She was obviously on some bad drugs, but experience has taught me that it is futile to call 911 over something like this. Especially if she is on the move. She passed a couple out for their Saturday night date, and they just carried on as though nothing was out of the ordinary. It was bizarre. The woman was letting out blood curdling screams and they didn't even bat an eye.

Later, I heard more shouting and saw the guy who has been soliciting money from people all over the 'hood by painting street numbers and Canadian flags in front of their homes for $5. He was shouting into our elderly Chinese neighbour's house and it was after midnight. Apparently, he painted their address in front of their place and was now looking for his $5. What a loon. My hubby nearly went out with the field hockey stick. It was totally uncalled for. I'm sure that they didn't ask him to paint that stuff on there, so piss off guy.

What can we expect today I wonder?

Friday, April 06, 2007

This pretty much sums up how I feel about the Olympics. As if it wasn't expensive enough living in this idyllic city of crack by the sea, imagine the debt left over after these games are done.

It's crazy!!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Dear woman at the bus stop,
I'm sorry that you have just come out of the Compassion Club and are feeling chatty, but I have to decline your invitation to conversation.

Though I am in my 'uniform' which is usually an open invitation to unload, I am wearing my headphones and listening to music.

Your opener was enchanting, "new running shoes?", but I had only a lackluster, "I guess..." in response.

I didn't see Bloc Party when they were here recently, and have never really heard them except for this cover. I like it!

Cheque's in the not.

March 29, 2007 - 19:30

Urban Postal Unit Negotiations - 2007 / Bulletins

Negotiations Bulletin no. 53

Canada Post management has informed CUPW that it will not agree to the union’s proposal to extend the conciliation process for the Urban Operations Unit. In a letter to the union dated March 27, Canada Post’s Chief Negotiator did make a commitment that the corporation will not “modify the terms and conditions of employment until the results of the Union’s ratification vote are communicated or April 30, 2007 which ever date occurs first.”

The current timeline

We expect to have the official results of ratification and strike votes after the voting ends on April 22, 2007. The union will obtain the right to strike and Canada Post will obtain the right to lockout immediately following the current ratification process.

However, under the Canada Labour Code, both parties must provide 72 hours notice prior to initiating a strike or lockout.

All locals should be on “Strike Alert” for April 26

If the membership votes to accept the tentative collective agreement, it would take effect on the date it is signed with full retroactivity for wages and premiums.

If the tentative agreement is rejected, the negotiations committee will go back to the table to try to convince the employer to improve their final offer. If the employer refuses to move, a strike may be necessary.

Canada Post has stated that the language in the tentative collective agreement is their “final offer” and that they are prepared to take a strike. They have also threatened to bring back many of the rollbacks that they dropped during negotiations. We do not know if they are bluffing but we must be prepared.

All locals should be preparing for strike activity in case it is necessary. Locals should prepare picket rosters and shop stewards should prepare phone trees. All members should participate fully in the activities of the union. Contact your local and see how you can participate should strike action be necessary.

In solidarity,
Pat Bertrand
CUPW Chief Negotiator

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Elliott Smith

Just doing some chores and listening to music...LOUD.
I cannot get through that XO album without losing it.
What a talent, what a tragedy, what a waste!!

Here is a fan site that someone has set up.

Here's a link for a live version of Independence Day at the Henry Fonda theatre in Los Angeles 02/01/03.

August 6, 1969-October 21, 2003

Friday, March 30, 2007


My husband met with the Vancouver Police Department yesterday to talk about their plans to do a "haunted house" in the neighbourhood this upcoming Hallowe'en. I was thinking that they were going to have to dig really deep to scare some of the kids around here, considering that some of the usual suspects look like zombie extras from some bad Horror Flick. These kids aren't going to be scared by some mummy in rags, or some dirty looking malfeasant muttering to himself

He doesn't think the house will have any sort of "just say NO" message, because sometimes they like to insert some kind of 'educational' element into the exhibition, but would it really be so bad if they did?
I guess you don't have to look far to see that drugs really aren't too cool if you're going to end up looking like this.

Probably one of the scariest things they could get into the house would be that oversized, overzealous billy club wielding cop that was filmed in the punch up with the off duty fireman and his son. In case you are out of town, this story received much press.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sick day...bleh

Now that the weather has turned and there isn't the ever present downfall, the spring colds and snotty noses have arrived. My child has had the most annoying cough for days, and finally we decided to keep her home from daycare.
Yesterday my husband was off work, and today it was my turn. I can't help but feel somewhat guilty that I'm here sipping coffee while it takes a team of at least 6 people to replace me.

Hmmm...something is wrong with that picture.
I guess I shouldn't really worry about the management failures of my employers, but it still remains on my mind. Especially after doing so much over time over the past 3 days. I obviously need the break as well.

Question of the day: What are the ethical implications of placing a phony call in to Crimestoppers? I suppose that there will be some "fiscal waste" for the investigating officers, but compared to insurance fraud or whatever other white collar crimes are occurring on a daily basis, is it really something to worry about?

I'm gonna ponder this for awhile before I make any decisions. I feel that my karmic situation has been good lately, and aside from my horrorscope which stated that "even CEOs can get the pink slip sometimes", I feel good. Hmmmmmm again.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What a mess

I heard on the radio the other day that we've lost 3 month of sunshine this winter and are on the verge of breaking another rainfall record. It just might be the rainiest March EVER!!!!
I probably wouldn't be so concerned except that I work outside and it's hard to ignore as it pounds down on you daily.
Is it any wonder that I'm going through my whole little Dino Jr mid-life crisis thing? I'm going barmy!

Guess my man and my wee tadpole will be attending this show. I've been known to jam out on such occasions, including the fantastic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a huge regret, because now he's dead...but this one will be for sure.
Original line up.
Rockin' foetus.
You got it.
Freak scene indeed!

In case you're not converted, check out this ancient track....FreakScene.
Yes, Yes, I am old, but I can still stand in a crowd and bob my head with the best of them. Even at 8 months preggo....wonder if I can find some sort of belly muffler. Last time I was preggo I saw Arab Strap at the Commodore. It was no problem negotiating my way through the crowd. People got the hell out of the way! It was hilarious.

Wonder if I can get my hands on some sort of belly muffler.

Some times I don't thrill you
Some times I think I'll kill you
So don't let me fuck up will you,
'cause when I need a friend it's still you

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Barking Mad!!!!!

My co-worker emailed me this story about some crazy guy that ran naked onto the tarmac at LAX trying to board a moving plane.

As it turns out, this guy is a co-worker of ours.
I am in awe!!

Now I know that mental illness is no laughing matter, but this story is just so bizarre that I can't believe it. I had to walk by my friend's work area to contemplate this guy who is behind all the madness.

I'm not worthy.

Apparently, this story is a few years old. Nov. 4, 2004 | Los Angeles -- A man was charged with trespassing after he stripped naked, scaled a airport fence, ran across the tarmac and climbed into a plane's wheel well before firefighters talked him out, officials said.

The man had earlier tried to buy a ticket for a Qantas Airways flight to Australia with only a credit card receipt. He told authorities at Los Angeles International Airport that he stripped off his clothes Monday to protest the airline's decision to deny him the ticket, airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said.

The man, XXXX XXXXX, 31, of Canada, suffers from bipolar disorder (also called manic-depressive illness) and had been listed as a missing person in Canada, Castles said. He was booked on a tresspassing charge, and was released from custody Tuesday.

Baggage handlers saw the man climb an 8-foot, barbed-wire fence that separates public and private areas of the airport and run to a departing plane as it backed from the gate. He climbed into a wheel well before the plane stopped.

He ignored police officers' commands to come out, but complied when city firefighters arrived. The Boeing 747, bound for Melbourne, Australia, departed an hour late.

Airport authorities will look into improving the fence, said Paul Haney, a spokesman for the agency that operates the airport.

**This particular version of the story neglects to mention the barbed wire atop the fence. He scaled it unscathed.

On another note, Happy Birthday Tommy Hunter!!

In case you aren't from Canada, Tommy Hunter is a HUGE icon. He doesn't have the fame of Stompin' Tom Conners, but if you grew up in the boonies of Canada, where you only got 2 television stations, chances are you have encountered this man. He had a variety show with a tinge of country. I mean, look at the guys hair!

Cheers Tommy, and thanks for all those great years of tv!!
Go and check out his awesomeness:Tommy Hunter

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I heard that Black Mountain were in HellA recording a song for Spiderman or something.
I may have the superhero wrong.
This isn't one of my favourite songs, but I like the film.

Big Ups to the young man with the tuque who offered up his bus seat when I got on today.

Boo to the crazy guy who started his soliloquy's with "are you waiting for the bus?", and then exclaiming a Nazi epithet before leaving the area.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Something Good around the Corner...

Finally, something fun to do on Friday night, and I don't even have to leave the neighbourhood.
I love that!!
Plus, it's always good to catch up with people...AND it's kid friendly.
Check out Mark DeLong and Jason McLean's stuff!!

There is a new gallery around the corner and I just noticed it this week while waiting for the bus in the dark amongst hobos snorting shit off bus shelter benches, and half dead looking junkies drifting around. It has been gross.
But that's for another post!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

work and slave and skimp and save

...and you can buy yourself a bigger cage

Last night I awoke to the sounds of a woman crying on the street outside. I must be more callous now, because I didn't even bother to look out. The junkie drama is just too taxing on the psyche some times. Besides, there is nothing to be done. Even when I call about convulsing and half dead girls on the sidewalk, the ambulance comes and goes without them. It is all too bizarre.

So it looks like I'm on garbage detail today. And low and behold, there's a hooker bust happening as I type this. It's not the girls I have a beef with, but the crack smoking creeps in cars that cruise around looking for them. It seems these guys have a preference for scabby incoherent desperately young girls. It is sad.
I figured that something was up this morning as all of the available police cruisers in Vancouver appear to be in the 'hood.

In honour of our potential upcoming labour unrest, I was looking for my favourite Quasi song, The Happy Prole, but I'll have to settle for an equally engaging tune instead. Birds is a fantastic album. They are still a band that serves a real purpose in my listening life, unlike Mates of State, which seem like a rip off spazzy outfit that I can do without. Check this out...
The Poisoned Well.

Friday, March 02, 2007


On May 1'st, there's a new Dinosaur Jr album coming out, and it's the original lineup, so I'm pretty excited.
I know, I'm old.

My hubby is going on a man date to see Sebadoh on Saturday....snicker snicker....better than staying at home with your homemade bone I suppose.
What I love about the album, what I've heard, is that it sounds like Dinosaur Jr. They have not changed their sound, and even Lou sings!!!! yippeeeee

Check out this wailing, melodic, awesome 6 minute song, Pick Me Up.
I blame much of my hearing loss on the Dinosaur Jr concert I saw in Toronto back in the early 90's. I was stage side, getting pushed in all directions, and still only saw hair in the face of J Mascis. Does the guy have a face? I dunno. It was a fantastic show from what I can recall.

What hearing I did have left, Broadcast absolutely finished off in the UK in 2001. Who would have thought that Broadcast would need to be so loud, but they were!

"Pardon?" Indeed!!!!

Some things I saw on my travels yesterday:

Police cars with their lights on interrogating suspected drug dealers, and then allowing said dealers to ride away on their stolen bikes.

A line of little day care kids toddling down Hastings street hanging onto colourful strings.

A headless bird with it's ripped open chest exposed. Obviously a snack for something.

Bad driving!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Strathcona Residents Association Meeting

These things can get pretty raucous!!

Great video...and they're faces aren't obscured by weird beards as per usual.
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. rock!!!!

I love my neighbourhood!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I guess that if I weren't watching Lost tomorrow night, I might take in a live show, or two.
Hallmark looks like a good bet at Hoko's on Powell. It's all ages and starts at 8.But from the looks of things, the early birds will get a rose. Awwww, that's sweet.

Otherwise, you can't really go wrong with the Railway Club.
I would certainly be there if I were still pouring booze down my neck.

Happy Birthday to BIG GAY JOHN in Cali!!

Get out and see some live music!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I smelled Spring today

Thankfully spring is around the corner. It has been one hell of a tough winter.
Might as well live in Winterpeg if we're going to have to deal with the winter weather. At least they're equipped to deal with things there.

It was so beautiful out today, and I ran into many folks that I hadn't seen in months it seems. One of them gave me these beautiful pussy willows, which are adorning my dining table as we speak. I think that things will take a turn now that spring is in the air.
I did see a 14 year old girl that we know who is pregnant. She was walking down the sidewalk with a huge grin on her face holding the hand of her boyfriend, but I just couldn't muster a giant smile myself. I crossed the street before we met because I worried that my expression would betray my true feelings.
I have this inability to fake my real emotions sometimes. So rather than give her the cold face that she will be receiving so much now and in the future, I crossed the street. It just seems so incredibly sad that a 14 year old girl will be having a baby. I wish that I could share her enthusiasm, but it's going to be a tough life for her.
Her childhood is over. Was it really worth it?

I know that I'm sounding like a one trick pony here, but Final Fantasy is still blowing my mind. He's opening here in town for Block Party, but as I've only ever heard him cover Block Party, I'd rather see him at a show of his own. Also, I don't think I've been out to a live show since I was 8 months pregnant at Arab Strap at the Commodore several years ago. I just don't fancy hangin' out in bars like I used to I guess.

Please do go and see what all the fuss is about. The guy is phenomenal!!!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Work Hazards.....again!

I took a spill at work the other day and crashed down about 6 cement stairs covered in ice.
It didn't seem dangerous on the approach, but on the way back down, hand on handrail, things went haywire.

Had I been wearing these fashionable kicks, I might have been spared the agony and humiliation of having to return to work in tears.
It was lame.
As a result, I'll be convalescing indoors for a week while the bumps and bruises resolve themselves. It's a special kind of hell being stuck inside at my workplace, 'cause that's usually where the true anger and bitterness sets in.
Hopefully I'll be out before too many of my brain cells are sucked from my body.

Friday, January 26, 2007

There is still fun to be had on the internet...

I finally stumbled upon a cool new craft site that really inspires. I had become bored with the internet in general lately, but this new page is cool!
Check it out!!.
Maybe I'll actually get busy and make some of these things.

I had to call an ambulance for someone today who wiped out on her bike while I was working. She is the second cyclist I've seen take a tumble transitioning from the sidewalk to the roadway in icy conditions. I saw her get up onto the sidewalk farther down the street, and when she got to the corner, I heard this awful scraping crashing sound and there she was on the ground. I don't usually feel too sympathetic for people who ride on the sidewalk, but from the looks of her mangled hand, she was in trouble. Her baby finger was completely bent backwards. Ugh.
Almost lost my lunch.
Also she didn't have a helmet, and I wasn't sure if she'd cracked her head. She was certainly babbling like an idiot. I felt badly for her.

The other woman went down a month or so ago. Same situation, from the sidewalk to the roadway, except one of those pretty tile mosaics took her down. She was older, and wearing a helmet, but still went down hard and didn't move for some time. She was also in a great deal of pain and grabbing her hip. Bad news.

The moral of this story is....RIDERS!!!!!...stay off the sidewalks!

Time to rustle up some needles and some yarn. yummy!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another weekend...

Another cutlery drawer full of mouse shit.

I guess the kitten has extended her life here yet another weekend, because upon waking on Saturday morning and opening the pantry, she caught another mouse.


And I thought that I had nearly found a home for her...

Total mouse count to date: 7

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Hockey Day in Canada

Yeterday was the official Hockey Day in Canada. It was also my husband's Iron John, er Howie Meeker weekend away with the guys. Not to be confused with the McMeekers, who are a farcical team of drunken curlers in Vancouver.

From what I hear, a good time was had by all, including tying up with the Flying Vees, an obnoxious, trash talking team of minor celebrities who thought they would mop up the ice with the Maroons. Heh Heh.
Sorry about that Grant!!
Less trash talkin' more goal tendin' next time.

On the mouse front, we seem to be losing the battle.
Our latest attempt at genocide is the sonic mouse repellent. It's suppose to cause auditory distress causing them to leave the area. Yeah right.
All I've noticed is that they've moved into different places, like my dishes cupboard. It's getting to be pretty annoying all this shifting and discarding of food and washing the area only to find that the next day I need to do it somewhere else. grrrrrrr

The bloody vermin are getting me down.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Go to the Railway Club tonight!

Looks like my friends The Choir Practice are playing at the Railway Club tonight, so go and check them out if you're so inclined. I would certainly be there if I wasn't stuck in without a sitter. It should be a good time.

I know they're recording now, so let's just hope that there will be some sort of vinyl pressing. I'm so tired of the CD scene in our house right now. We have hundreds and hundreds of the things clogging up prime storage space, and not even a CD player to play them on. ARRRRGH.
I would ditch them all tomorrow if the old man wouldn't notice. hmmmmmmm(?!)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I just found out that a friend of mine was hit by a car yesterday and has a smashed pelvis as well as a compound fracture to his leg. It is extrememly upsetting, because I know too many people that have been hurt by negligent and uncaring drivers in this city.

Even my 3 year old daughter has been hit in her trailer by some idiotic unattentive driver. I really don't know what the solution is, besides us being scared off of our bikes and into cars like the other fat asses that I see around me. I mean what the fuck?!?
Vancouver is suppose to be a progressive, sustainable city, but the reality is far from the image that it tries to present. The roads are clogged with single drivers in giant SUVs which they can't even navigate. It is disgusting!!

I feel like I'm gonna die everytime I go out on my bike. Time to get more active I suppose. Whatever that means...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh Glorious Boob Tube

I cannot wait for the start of CBC's new sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie to begin. And not just because it has many reactionary Conservative types with their knickers in a knot. I would post some of the hype and anti-hype here, but I don't need the heat that the trackbacks will bring.
I have always been a huge fan and supporter of Canadian Television. Just finished with Dragon Boys, which despite the insane violence, was really good.

I don't know why I'm so compelled to watch our own programming, but I believe that it might just stave off the ideological manifest destiny that looms.
So check out the funny Muslims on CBC tomorrow night.
It's gonna be good!!