Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gangsta Stylin'

Last night we were grilling some dinner outside and we heard a pop.
It sounded like a gun shot. Not a rifle though, which I remember as echoing and reverberating throughout the fields during my childhood years.

I said to my man, "wow, that sure sounded like a gunshot".
So this afternoon as I was walking my dog, it was confirmed.
One of our local drug dealer types was wearing his gun in the front of his pants like a cool guy, and he shot his cajones off.

Guess we won't be seeing him for awhile.

I wonder if this is the genius in quesion?!


pete. said...

holy-shit homegirl..
what hood you reppin??

thas hardcore gangsta shit!

and I thought Strath waas the hip happening 'hot' neighbourhood.. with quaint heritage million dollar homes and what not..

enough to make a guy think twice before unleashing my inner Charles Bronson and goin' all vigilante on the next fucking-scumbag-crackhead-tweaker-thief I catch ..


KBAB said...


ricaaaahhhh said...

C'mon! Seriously???!

Anonymous said...

Guns? I thought Canadians were a peaceable lot and you had to go over the border to get this kind of madness?


djmark said...