Friday, March 02, 2007


On May 1'st, there's a new Dinosaur Jr album coming out, and it's the original lineup, so I'm pretty excited.
I know, I'm old.

My hubby is going on a man date to see Sebadoh on Saturday....snicker snicker....better than staying at home with your homemade bone I suppose.
What I love about the album, what I've heard, is that it sounds like Dinosaur Jr. They have not changed their sound, and even Lou sings!!!! yippeeeee

Check out this wailing, melodic, awesome 6 minute song, Pick Me Up.
I blame much of my hearing loss on the Dinosaur Jr concert I saw in Toronto back in the early 90's. I was stage side, getting pushed in all directions, and still only saw hair in the face of J Mascis. Does the guy have a face? I dunno. It was a fantastic show from what I can recall.

What hearing I did have left, Broadcast absolutely finished off in the UK in 2001. Who would have thought that Broadcast would need to be so loud, but they were!

"Pardon?" Indeed!!!!

Some things I saw on my travels yesterday:

Police cars with their lights on interrogating suspected drug dealers, and then allowing said dealers to ride away on their stolen bikes.

A line of little day care kids toddling down Hastings street hanging onto colourful strings.

A headless bird with it's ripped open chest exposed. Obviously a snack for something.

Bad driving!!


ricaaaahhhh said...

I blame my hearing loss on the loud volumes I have to listen to my iPod in order to drown out the inane conversations of my co-workers around me.

djmark said...

i think that one of the loudest bands i ever saw was Bob Mould's post Husker Du band Sugar. ears ringin' for days.

kntgrl said...

I loved SUGAR.....far less dark than his solo stuff. I can believe the loudness they must have had.

Scott Leslie said...

The only thing louder than that time in Toronto was seeing them in Cardiff when they played with Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloddy Valentine. Holy crap, my ears are STILL bleeding and that was 15 years ago ;-)