Saturday, March 31, 2007

Elliott Smith

Just doing some chores and listening to music...LOUD.
I cannot get through that XO album without losing it.
What a talent, what a tragedy, what a waste!!

Here is a fan site that someone has set up.

Here's a link for a live version of Independence Day at the Henry Fonda theatre in Los Angeles 02/01/03.

August 6, 1969-October 21, 2003

Friday, March 30, 2007


My husband met with the Vancouver Police Department yesterday to talk about their plans to do a "haunted house" in the neighbourhood this upcoming Hallowe'en. I was thinking that they were going to have to dig really deep to scare some of the kids around here, considering that some of the usual suspects look like zombie extras from some bad Horror Flick. These kids aren't going to be scared by some mummy in rags, or some dirty looking malfeasant muttering to himself

He doesn't think the house will have any sort of "just say NO" message, because sometimes they like to insert some kind of 'educational' element into the exhibition, but would it really be so bad if they did?
I guess you don't have to look far to see that drugs really aren't too cool if you're going to end up looking like this.

Probably one of the scariest things they could get into the house would be that oversized, overzealous billy club wielding cop that was filmed in the punch up with the off duty fireman and his son. In case you are out of town, this story received much press.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sick day...bleh

Now that the weather has turned and there isn't the ever present downfall, the spring colds and snotty noses have arrived. My child has had the most annoying cough for days, and finally we decided to keep her home from daycare.
Yesterday my husband was off work, and today it was my turn. I can't help but feel somewhat guilty that I'm here sipping coffee while it takes a team of at least 6 people to replace me.

Hmmm...something is wrong with that picture.
I guess I shouldn't really worry about the management failures of my employers, but it still remains on my mind. Especially after doing so much over time over the past 3 days. I obviously need the break as well.

Question of the day: What are the ethical implications of placing a phony call in to Crimestoppers? I suppose that there will be some "fiscal waste" for the investigating officers, but compared to insurance fraud or whatever other white collar crimes are occurring on a daily basis, is it really something to worry about?

I'm gonna ponder this for awhile before I make any decisions. I feel that my karmic situation has been good lately, and aside from my horrorscope which stated that "even CEOs can get the pink slip sometimes", I feel good. Hmmmmmm again.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What a mess

I heard on the radio the other day that we've lost 3 month of sunshine this winter and are on the verge of breaking another rainfall record. It just might be the rainiest March EVER!!!!
I probably wouldn't be so concerned except that I work outside and it's hard to ignore as it pounds down on you daily.
Is it any wonder that I'm going through my whole little Dino Jr mid-life crisis thing? I'm going barmy!

Guess my man and my wee tadpole will be attending this show. I've been known to jam out on such occasions, including the fantastic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a huge regret, because now he's dead...but this one will be for sure.
Original line up.
Rockin' foetus.
You got it.
Freak scene indeed!

In case you're not converted, check out this ancient track....FreakScene.
Yes, Yes, I am old, but I can still stand in a crowd and bob my head with the best of them. Even at 8 months preggo....wonder if I can find some sort of belly muffler. Last time I was preggo I saw Arab Strap at the Commodore. It was no problem negotiating my way through the crowd. People got the hell out of the way! It was hilarious.

Wonder if I can get my hands on some sort of belly muffler.

Some times I don't thrill you
Some times I think I'll kill you
So don't let me fuck up will you,
'cause when I need a friend it's still you

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Barking Mad!!!!!

My co-worker emailed me this story about some crazy guy that ran naked onto the tarmac at LAX trying to board a moving plane.

As it turns out, this guy is a co-worker of ours.
I am in awe!!

Now I know that mental illness is no laughing matter, but this story is just so bizarre that I can't believe it. I had to walk by my friend's work area to contemplate this guy who is behind all the madness.

I'm not worthy.

Apparently, this story is a few years old. Nov. 4, 2004 | Los Angeles -- A man was charged with trespassing after he stripped naked, scaled a airport fence, ran across the tarmac and climbed into a plane's wheel well before firefighters talked him out, officials said.

The man had earlier tried to buy a ticket for a Qantas Airways flight to Australia with only a credit card receipt. He told authorities at Los Angeles International Airport that he stripped off his clothes Monday to protest the airline's decision to deny him the ticket, airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said.

The man, XXXX XXXXX, 31, of Canada, suffers from bipolar disorder (also called manic-depressive illness) and had been listed as a missing person in Canada, Castles said. He was booked on a tresspassing charge, and was released from custody Tuesday.

Baggage handlers saw the man climb an 8-foot, barbed-wire fence that separates public and private areas of the airport and run to a departing plane as it backed from the gate. He climbed into a wheel well before the plane stopped.

He ignored police officers' commands to come out, but complied when city firefighters arrived. The Boeing 747, bound for Melbourne, Australia, departed an hour late.

Airport authorities will look into improving the fence, said Paul Haney, a spokesman for the agency that operates the airport.

**This particular version of the story neglects to mention the barbed wire atop the fence. He scaled it unscathed.

On another note, Happy Birthday Tommy Hunter!!

In case you aren't from Canada, Tommy Hunter is a HUGE icon. He doesn't have the fame of Stompin' Tom Conners, but if you grew up in the boonies of Canada, where you only got 2 television stations, chances are you have encountered this man. He had a variety show with a tinge of country. I mean, look at the guys hair!

Cheers Tommy, and thanks for all those great years of tv!!
Go and check out his awesomeness:Tommy Hunter

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I heard that Black Mountain were in HellA recording a song for Spiderman or something.
I may have the superhero wrong.
This isn't one of my favourite songs, but I like the film.

Big Ups to the young man with the tuque who offered up his bus seat when I got on today.

Boo to the crazy guy who started his soliloquy's with "are you waiting for the bus?", and then exclaiming a Nazi epithet before leaving the area.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Something Good around the Corner...

Finally, something fun to do on Friday night, and I don't even have to leave the neighbourhood.
I love that!!
Plus, it's always good to catch up with people...AND it's kid friendly.
Check out Mark DeLong and Jason McLean's stuff!!

There is a new gallery around the corner and I just noticed it this week while waiting for the bus in the dark amongst hobos snorting shit off bus shelter benches, and half dead looking junkies drifting around. It has been gross.
But that's for another post!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

work and slave and skimp and save

...and you can buy yourself a bigger cage

Last night I awoke to the sounds of a woman crying on the street outside. I must be more callous now, because I didn't even bother to look out. The junkie drama is just too taxing on the psyche some times. Besides, there is nothing to be done. Even when I call about convulsing and half dead girls on the sidewalk, the ambulance comes and goes without them. It is all too bizarre.

So it looks like I'm on garbage detail today. And low and behold, there's a hooker bust happening as I type this. It's not the girls I have a beef with, but the crack smoking creeps in cars that cruise around looking for them. It seems these guys have a preference for scabby incoherent desperately young girls. It is sad.
I figured that something was up this morning as all of the available police cruisers in Vancouver appear to be in the 'hood.

In honour of our potential upcoming labour unrest, I was looking for my favourite Quasi song, The Happy Prole, but I'll have to settle for an equally engaging tune instead. Birds is a fantastic album. They are still a band that serves a real purpose in my listening life, unlike Mates of State, which seem like a rip off spazzy outfit that I can do without. Check this out...
The Poisoned Well.

Friday, March 02, 2007


On May 1'st, there's a new Dinosaur Jr album coming out, and it's the original lineup, so I'm pretty excited.
I know, I'm old.

My hubby is going on a man date to see Sebadoh on Saturday....snicker snicker....better than staying at home with your homemade bone I suppose.
What I love about the album, what I've heard, is that it sounds like Dinosaur Jr. They have not changed their sound, and even Lou sings!!!! yippeeeee

Check out this wailing, melodic, awesome 6 minute song, Pick Me Up.
I blame much of my hearing loss on the Dinosaur Jr concert I saw in Toronto back in the early 90's. I was stage side, getting pushed in all directions, and still only saw hair in the face of J Mascis. Does the guy have a face? I dunno. It was a fantastic show from what I can recall.

What hearing I did have left, Broadcast absolutely finished off in the UK in 2001. Who would have thought that Broadcast would need to be so loud, but they were!

"Pardon?" Indeed!!!!

Some things I saw on my travels yesterday:

Police cars with their lights on interrogating suspected drug dealers, and then allowing said dealers to ride away on their stolen bikes.

A line of little day care kids toddling down Hastings street hanging onto colourful strings.

A headless bird with it's ripped open chest exposed. Obviously a snack for something.

Bad driving!!