Friday, January 26, 2007

There is still fun to be had on the internet...

I finally stumbled upon a cool new craft site that really inspires. I had become bored with the internet in general lately, but this new page is cool!
Check it out!!.
Maybe I'll actually get busy and make some of these things.

I had to call an ambulance for someone today who wiped out on her bike while I was working. She is the second cyclist I've seen take a tumble transitioning from the sidewalk to the roadway in icy conditions. I saw her get up onto the sidewalk farther down the street, and when she got to the corner, I heard this awful scraping crashing sound and there she was on the ground. I don't usually feel too sympathetic for people who ride on the sidewalk, but from the looks of her mangled hand, she was in trouble. Her baby finger was completely bent backwards. Ugh.
Almost lost my lunch.
Also she didn't have a helmet, and I wasn't sure if she'd cracked her head. She was certainly babbling like an idiot. I felt badly for her.

The other woman went down a month or so ago. Same situation, from the sidewalk to the roadway, except one of those pretty tile mosaics took her down. She was older, and wearing a helmet, but still went down hard and didn't move for some time. She was also in a great deal of pain and grabbing her hip. Bad news.

The moral of this story is....RIDERS!!!!!...stay off the sidewalks!

Time to rustle up some needles and some yarn. yummy!!

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ricaaaahhhh said...

How about :
RIDERS! If you see Knitgirl, ride away! Bad luck is in your future!!