Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Something Good around the Corner...

Finally, something fun to do on Friday night, and I don't even have to leave the neighbourhood.
I love that!!
Plus, it's always good to catch up with people...AND it's kid friendly.
Check out Mark DeLong and Jason McLean's stuff!!

There is a new gallery around the corner and I just noticed it this week while waiting for the bus in the dark amongst hobos snorting shit off bus shelter benches, and half dead looking junkies drifting around. It has been gross.
But that's for another post!

1 comment:

freakpowertix said...

one of the plusses to gentrification?

now just to keep the shallow yuppies away!

i'm glad that that dood gave up his seat for you. i would have! & i'm really excited that you're preggers, cagey! :))))