Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It's true, it really does get you high.
And for a second there, I did forget all of life's stresses.

So ok, I had a mundane appointment up Main Street, but managed to squeeze in a Latte and a shopping trip.
I sound like some Yuppie I know, but it really couldn't be farther from the truth.

I loathe those people.
And anyone that knows me will agree, and then laugh at the self righteousness of the insinuation.
Are we not all just a bundle of contradictions?

So I dropped far too much money on a skirt that I could have made myself, maybe, but I so RARELY get myself anything, that I felt it was overdue.
Plus, I'll need it for camping next week, or maybe cocktails with some ladies......
we'll see what I can rustle up.

I'll not be singing Karaoke in it though.
I think that was a one off.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

new kids on the block

It seems that some new skateboarders have moved in down the street.
I love it.
They tend to keep the pimps and drug dealers and half dead prostitutes away.

For now at least.

I remember one particular housing development on Main Street all up in arms that a new skatepark was going in down the street.
I wondered how it could be a bad thing since it gave kids something to do, and also tended to keep other folks moving along.
Sort of like a self policing sort of thing.

It turned out great

I know that I'm seeming less tolerant in my old age.....but it really does grate on you seeing the same 'dirtbags' standing on the street in front of your house day after day.
Not to mention becoming aware of the visible decline of the various working girls that get hooked on crack and eventually start to sell their bodies and souls for the stuff.....usually with some parasitic man in tow.
These are the guys that need a field hockey stick up side the head, and I just might be the one to give it to them someday.....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Calling

I can't believe the bombings in London this morning.
It's horrible to think of all the poor working stiffs that were caught unawares by this terrorism.

I'd like to think that it's simply retaliation for the involvement in the war, but people tell me that I am naive to believe that we are immune.
I wish that BUSH would just get the hell out of there, or should have done so long before now,
but it's such an unbelievable mess there, that how can they leave now?

People are killing their own.
It is maddening.......and I don't want to think about it or watch anymore.

This drawing was made by one of my virtaul friends on buzznet from the UK.
thanks meld!!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

now this is something to look forward to.......

Speed Kills

You know that phenomenon where things tend to speed up the closer we come to them?
It usually happens when there is a looming stressful event in the future, and as you close in on it, things usually speed and wobble and blaze past at an alarming speed.

I'm trying to get this theory into practice with my upcoming holidays.

One of the upsides of my union job is that I have several weeks paid holidays, and I use this as justification for my slacker mentatlity towards work, and life, and more importantly
leisure time.

....just two more days and counting......

And just in time for summer!
'cause what we've been getting here for sometime is a lingering spring feeling.....'cept it's muggy.

um, I'm rambling.
maybe someday I'll consider editing, but not today.

knitgirl out!

.....just two more days........

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

newbie on the loose

Ok, so I'm blogging.
Are we having fun yet?

I would have been happier with my true handle.....but I can live without vowels.
I'm not even going to start being neurotic about people crawling inside my head, as this will probably just become my place to blow off steam about my hairy neighbourhood.

I need to calm down a bit, 'cause I'm just a little bit too mouthy for my own good these days.
For example, today I yelled "stop stealing flowers you hag" at some unfortunate woman.
As she turned to see who had been so rude, Yes, I can admit that name calling IS rude, I saw a HUGE bruise coveing half of her face.
So I felt pretty shitty about it all to say the least.

Oh well.
Live and learn.
Maybe tomorrow I can refrain from such poor behaviour.
ok, knitgirl out!