Thursday, October 18, 2007


I received an email from someone that I've known a long time asking why my blog had stopped. It was hilarious, because I didn't think that anyone was reading at all. Especially not a friend from University that is living in Ottawa. Big Ups Yerself Sandra!!

Mostly I treat this as some kind of ranting therapy about my crazy neighbourhood, but I got bored, so I stopped.
Or I guess you could say that I got busy....real busy, with another life form.

If there are any Built to Spill fans out there, and there must they just played here in Vancouver, I have uploaded something for you. Strange. It's not exactly the real thing, but Boise Cover Band, a side project of Doug Martsh.

We are enjoying some of that here when we're taking a break from the ska/dub.

I had something funny happen with my Flickr™ account. As is customary, I had posted a pic of some people smoking crack and carrying on in front of my house. Someone on Flickr™ identified the person by name and made some comment about how their girlfriend wouldn't be happy to see such a thing. Her boyfriend smoking crack on the street I suppose.

I decided to remove the post as I didn't feel that it was appropriate to have someone outing him by name on the internets and volunteering his personal information. After doing this, I received a self righteous angry email from the person determined to "tell his story" on my photo sharing site.

Um, no.
I don't feel too cool about creating a place for others to tell other people's stories.

This person was pissed, and said "I thought that at least one of your subjects would have the oppourtunity to have the truth told about them".
Um, wrong.
Yes, everyone has a story, but no, you cannot tell it for them. Sorry to take away your chance to tell all, but it would be better for him to do the revealing, and not some third person account of his 'truth'.

Oh the controversy!
I guess these things are to be expected.

Chain Gang. Another good cover from one of the crabbiest ladies in Rock 'N Roll. Boise Cover Band does it good!!