Monday, December 31, 2007

An Unhealthy Obsession?

Santa brought me a new Vanity Fair magazine for Christmas. I enjoy this magazine, only because I'm a sucker for tabloid. I particularly enjoy the trials and tribulations of the enviably rich and the mayhem that ensues from life's excesses. I find it entertaining. Also, I don't have long patches of time now where I can read, so that's how it is.

So of course I latch right on to the tale of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan. I'm reluctant to even type their names here lest I incur some sort of wrath be it supernatural or other. Just a normal pair of hipsters living their lives, being successful in Los Angeles, a city which I am also obsessed with.

I'll just say that the pair both committed suicide a week apart, and I might remember some snippit of this thing unfolding at the end of July, except that I was preoccupied with the upcoming birth of my boy.

Basically, I have spent a disgusting amount of time on these two deceased individuals, poring over every fact about their lives, and deaths.

I really don't feel like posting links to sources that I have read as I feel somewhat guilty,dirty,overly curious,pathetic,and exhilerated that I am engaging in such Schadenfreude.
First I honed up on the so called "facts" and "conspiracy theories", somewhat venturing into a world of haters. So many buzzards circling around. I tried to read and ignore what was necessary for me to NOT feel completely soulless, but who's kidding who, sometimes the dark is seductive.
To me, it is a mystery unfolding on the internet. There is a movie here, but I'm certainly not writing it. I will be moving on sometime in the near future.

I've recently tired of one particular blog as it was starting to feel too negative.
Also, how much time do I really want to spend on one dead blog. Goodbye to that one.

Now I've gone right to the source. Interesting in it's own merit, but certainly not worthy of the hype bestowed upon it. I have been rifling through, snooping on comments and getting obsessed with the Lunar Society. The whole premise of a secret society being very Pynchonesque in itself. I find many of the posts interesting and hilarious. Maybe I see a little of myself there. Not the glam or the blonde, but the interests. The music, the critical theory, the psychoanalysis,French New Wave,punk rock,consumption and criticism of pop culture,all that good stuff I went to University to learn. All from someone I never knew who took their own life.

I borrowed these lovely images from her blog.

Happy New Year, she shouted into the void!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


OK, so I've still got the damn pink eye.

What the hell?!
Why am I the only one in the family with this damn annoying goopy eye business?
I'm thinking it's because I touched a donkey at the Christmas Train night and then promptly stuck my finger in my eye?!

Whatever.....I just don't take too kindly to foreign bacteria invading my body.
Gonna break down and go to the doctor later.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things are getting interesting

There has been one confirmed case of chicken pox at the daycare. Lovely.
Children covered in pustules. I wonder what an infant with chicken pox looks like? Can you still kiss him? I don't think that I can refrain.

That is all. I am too lazy to make a proper post with link thingys. Sic.

After 3 days of headache, a grotesque eye infection, general lethargy and other, I'm now a phlegm manufacturing machine. It is gross.