Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a long strange day it's been....

I cannot believe the craziness that I just witnessed on the street.
I had been nauseated earlier by the sight of two street urchins making out between two parked cars. Imagine emaciated, drawn, skeletal, love and then mix in the crazies. It was disturbing.

Then, as if out of some movie.....3 big guys wearing Puffy jackets and one donning some kind of Rasta hat come cruising down the sidewalk. It's only extra bizarre because they were obviously not familiar faces from the 'hood....cause usually people start to look familiar round these parts. Plus, this was a group of about 6 or 7 guys, so it was really obvious.

Next thing I know, I see one of the guys doing the kicking, stomping thing on a guy on the ground.

That is some scary stuff. I got all spooked calling the cops then realized the futility of it all.
I guess they can rack it up as statistics, but as far as enforcing people to not be violent towards each other, I dunno. It did break up the nice little crack party that had been forming though.

gonna banish all negative thoughts now.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing to Report

Oxford Comma

So my baby likes Vampire Weekend really a lot!
I knew that he would have his dad's penchant for the preppy.
Also he is a sucker for African guitars.

Check it out if you dare. The dude even wears 'deck shoes' as if that is some revolutionary fashion statement.

everything old is new again.