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March 29, 2007 - 19:30

Urban Postal Unit Negotiations - 2007 / Bulletins

Negotiations Bulletin no. 53

Canada Post management has informed CUPW that it will not agree to the union’s proposal to extend the conciliation process for the Urban Operations Unit. In a letter to the union dated March 27, Canada Post’s Chief Negotiator did make a commitment that the corporation will not “modify the terms and conditions of employment until the results of the Union’s ratification vote are communicated or April 30, 2007 which ever date occurs first.”

The current timeline

We expect to have the official results of ratification and strike votes after the voting ends on April 22, 2007. The union will obtain the right to strike and Canada Post will obtain the right to lockout immediately following the current ratification process.

However, under the Canada Labour Code, both parties must provide 72 hours notice prior to initiating a strike or lockout.

All locals should be on “Strike Alert” for April 26

If the membership votes to accept the tentative collective agreement, it would take effect on the date it is signed with full retroactivity for wages and premiums.

If the tentative agreement is rejected, the negotiations committee will go back to the table to try to convince the employer to improve their final offer. If the employer refuses to move, a strike may be necessary.

Canada Post has stated that the language in the tentative collective agreement is their “final offer” and that they are prepared to take a strike. They have also threatened to bring back many of the rollbacks that they dropped during negotiations. We do not know if they are bluffing but we must be prepared.

All locals should be preparing for strike activity in case it is necessary. Locals should prepare picket rosters and shop stewards should prepare phone trees. All members should participate fully in the activities of the union. Contact your local and see how you can participate should strike action be necessary.

In solidarity,
Pat Bertrand
CUPW Chief Negotiator

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