Monday, August 28, 2006

Victory Square Block Party

Victory Square Block Party
on Monday, September 4th

They Shoot Horses
Hot Loins
The Battles
The Doers
The Nons
The Winks
No Feeling
Precious Fathers

Hosted by MC Babyduck.
DJ's provided by Vinyl Records.

Monday, Sept. 4th
Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings)

*thanks to myvirtual friend theonly for the info and cool poster!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Art gallery madness...

The Battles at the art gallery on Friday night were great. It was good to get out and catch up with some folks and hear some great music and see some art.The set up at the gallery was for an outdoor concert, but drinks were forbidden down where the band played, so we were forced to swill atop the pyramid stairs that would became the stairs of death later in the evening, or so I imagined.
I can't believe how many people you can reconnect with at the Art Gallery. Becoming a member was well worth the investment!
So we were forced to listen to Sinoa Caves, as we tried to get a couple of drinks into us, and then we descended to the stage to check out the band. Les did a great job with the visuals!

Surreal was the fact that the show backed onto the Robson Square skating rink/ballroom dancing extravaganza. So between songs, you were able to listen to either the Rumba band playing upstairs in the Fuse part of the VAG or you could check out the dancing below street level. It was packed down there. People sure do love their ballroom dancing.
As usual, the battles took us all over hells half acre with their awesome music. They are tight, and fun, and great to watch.
Book of Lists also played and I liked what I heard, until I had to vacate the premises to head over to some art opening which turned out to be great!! I really must get out a bit more. Now that we have a sitter, mebbe it will happen.

Go and see some great music at Victory Square party on Labour Day. It is always a good time. I'm still cursing myself that I missed the damn Unicorns that one year.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Art Show in the 'hood

This looks like it could be good, and I wouldn't even have to leave the neighbourhood.
It conflicts with the Battles show at the Art Gallery though, but since I just cancelled my sitter...

Monday, August 21, 2006

For Sale

100 year old house in Vancouver's downtown ghetto.
Asking price $299,000.00.
It's going to go fast, so get on it!!!

I'll be waiting to see the weekend feeding frenzy!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Goodbye Bo

Yesterday our good friend Bo, or Baby Bear as he was also affectionately known, passed away. It happened at the beach. Still a sad place to go, but I can't think of a better place really, since he loved to be there.

Bo enjoyed two wonderful lives on this planet. One with an old fella named Ed who spoiled him until he himself passed away. Then with a couple of wonderful people who nursed him back to a healthy weight, and exposed him to the finer things in life such as daily trips to the beach, and weekends on Saltspring Island.
Bo will be missed by friends and neighbours, and cats alike.

RIP Bo, you were one of the good ones!!
I hope we call all gather to remember Bo over some drinks and stories.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Yoshi man!!

Born August 18, 1999, in Langley BC

puppy of
San Jo Shomano' Forever
Hitomi Midori O' Forever

forever My Yoshi is today 7 years old.

I love my Shiba Inu. They are so unlike any other dog that I've ever met. Not just lapping at your face, but really remaining aloof, unless you're family. I love this trait about them. Yoshi is such an independent little man, and has survived one harrowing "runner" away from me, where I imagined seeing his little body flung up into the air by some passing car. It was a nightmare. He survived crossing 2 pretty major streets in Vancouver and I nearly killed him when I finally caught up to him on the Drive.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carnage at the Bus Stop

It has been another crappy day where I feel like hiding under the bed, or running to the hills for some solitude. As I was waiting at the bus stop to begin my job, I heard a thud, and then saw a gang of birds flying away. They had been in pursuit of a Peregrine Falcon which now lay stunned on the sidewalk beside the glass bus shelter.
It was such a bummer.
I picked it up in my hands, and saw the tell tale lolling of the head. I wanted to believe though, and refused to just leave it on the sidewalk, so I took it indoors, and we called the Wildlife Rescue. They tried to tell us on the phone that it was probably just a juvenile Seagull, or Shithawk as I like to call them. Why do people insist on doing that? Telling you that you're probably not right, but anyhoo...

It died, before I even left the station, and I felt so bummed, but it was an incredible thing to enjoy up close even for a fleeting minute or too. It's a shame when nature clashes with the city. I have to cheer on the wildlife I have enjoyed out there when I've been working. I've seen coyotes, raccoons, rats, mice, a mama skunk and her kitten, and legions of spiders that I usually de-web with my face. eeeek!
I don't know what planet is in retrograde, but it has been challenging the past few days that's for sure. Strangely It's like I'm
watching it on reality tv or something. Is this what they call a disconnect?

oh well, big ups to the guys whose pics I stole, and if anyone could tell my why things are so crazy cosmically right now, I would really appreciate it!

Monday, August 14, 2006

What do you do?

when someone you know pops out of an alley and you freeze because they look half dead?

when things go poorly with said person, so you try harder next time to be "open" and they just smack you down anyway?

when you're riding the bus home from work and you see someone you know working as a prostitute?

when drugs destroy your friends?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


preferred food of drug addicted people on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.