Monday, August 11, 2008

Stop the Violence

Lately there has been a great deal of violence in my neighbourhood.
It's been a hot spot for awhile what with the rapid gentrification and housing market the way it is. It's been written on sidewalks, poles and on the sides of homes. Class Warfare!!!!

It has been particularly hard on the house at 708 Hawkes Ave, which has been the victim of shocking violence and destruction. Too much really.
It started when the house was sold. A huge, gorgeous communal place that had seen it's share of inhabitants over the years. Called the fish bowl for a reason, the preferred name for me was the "dirty fish bowl". Maybe it was the flip tone of, "hey, wanna buy a house?" that was posted in the window of the place, but whatever it was, it set off the vandals in a big way.
I guess the anger is mostly directed at the guy who bought and gutted the place for re-sale.
Everybody hates a flipper, but a guy has to make a living somehow. Is he any worse than a person who makes their living owning apartment buildings ahd renting out suites?

I have always had empathy for inanimate objects. I feel badly at the amount of damage that's occurred to this house, especially considering what kind vibes it's had throughout the years.

I've heard the rumours circulating of who it might be. Ranging from the ridiculous to the probable, including the rumour that a soccer ball was found inside, and I can't say that I know for sure who it is, but I do know that they're misdirecting their anger in a lame, adolescent way.
Like the night I had far too many drinks at the Anza club and upon leaving decided to act out some reckless, destructive rage on the antennae of some poor bastards car. I didn't choose the most expensive car on the block, to make it some 'credible' act against the man a la "eat the rich", oh no...
I chose some poor bugger, who was probably at the same show, and it was either a crappy Escort, or a Civic, or whatever from the 80's. Whatever it was, my behaviour was stupid, and juvenile, and didn't accomplish anything of value.
Sorry buddy.

I hope the senseless shit in the hood stops soon.
Take the anger to the big developers, or Gordon Campbell's house, or wherever.
Let the house return to it's good vibe self. It's already been gutted and eviscerated for all to see. I feel poorly for the house....and the new owner who is in the process of purchasing and is no doubt nervous about moving in there.It is sad.