Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sick day...bleh

Now that the weather has turned and there isn't the ever present downfall, the spring colds and snotty noses have arrived. My child has had the most annoying cough for days, and finally we decided to keep her home from daycare.
Yesterday my husband was off work, and today it was my turn. I can't help but feel somewhat guilty that I'm here sipping coffee while it takes a team of at least 6 people to replace me.

Hmmm...something is wrong with that picture.
I guess I shouldn't really worry about the management failures of my employers, but it still remains on my mind. Especially after doing so much over time over the past 3 days. I obviously need the break as well.

Question of the day: What are the ethical implications of placing a phony call in to Crimestoppers? I suppose that there will be some "fiscal waste" for the investigating officers, but compared to insurance fraud or whatever other white collar crimes are occurring on a daily basis, is it really something to worry about?

I'm gonna ponder this for awhile before I make any decisions. I feel that my karmic situation has been good lately, and aside from my horrorscope which stated that "even CEOs can get the pink slip sometimes", I feel good. Hmmmmmm again.

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