Friday, March 23, 2007

What a mess

I heard on the radio the other day that we've lost 3 month of sunshine this winter and are on the verge of breaking another rainfall record. It just might be the rainiest March EVER!!!!
I probably wouldn't be so concerned except that I work outside and it's hard to ignore as it pounds down on you daily.
Is it any wonder that I'm going through my whole little Dino Jr mid-life crisis thing? I'm going barmy!

Guess my man and my wee tadpole will be attending this show. I've been known to jam out on such occasions, including the fantastic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a huge regret, because now he's dead...but this one will be for sure.
Original line up.
Rockin' foetus.
You got it.
Freak scene indeed!

In case you're not converted, check out this ancient track....FreakScene.
Yes, Yes, I am old, but I can still stand in a crowd and bob my head with the best of them. Even at 8 months preggo....wonder if I can find some sort of belly muffler. Last time I was preggo I saw Arab Strap at the Commodore. It was no problem negotiating my way through the crowd. People got the hell out of the way! It was hilarious.

Wonder if I can get my hands on some sort of belly muffler.

Some times I don't thrill you
Some times I think I'll kill you
So don't let me fuck up will you,
'cause when I need a friend it's still you


djmark said...

ms. p attended a ROcket From The Crypt show in utero. i think she enjoyed it, apparently she was rocking out purty hard in there.w

dvl said...

my little e had the pleasure of attending a fetish ball the month before she made her official appearance... one less reason to be surprised that she declared her halloween costume this year to be a drag queen a la 'priscilla queen of the desert'.

give us more pics of the belly!!!

Anonymous said...

hey! we saw dinosaur jr. in salt lake last year. haha. quite the birthday present! PRIESTESS, the opener from montreal, was the highlight of my night.