Friday, March 30, 2007


My husband met with the Vancouver Police Department yesterday to talk about their plans to do a "haunted house" in the neighbourhood this upcoming Hallowe'en. I was thinking that they were going to have to dig really deep to scare some of the kids around here, considering that some of the usual suspects look like zombie extras from some bad Horror Flick. These kids aren't going to be scared by some mummy in rags, or some dirty looking malfeasant muttering to himself

He doesn't think the house will have any sort of "just say NO" message, because sometimes they like to insert some kind of 'educational' element into the exhibition, but would it really be so bad if they did?
I guess you don't have to look far to see that drugs really aren't too cool if you're going to end up looking like this.

Probably one of the scariest things they could get into the house would be that oversized, overzealous billy club wielding cop that was filmed in the punch up with the off duty fireman and his son. In case you are out of town, this story received much press.

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KBAB said...

yikes. seems like that happens often. or we hear about it often.

here they are discussing dropping the college degree requirement for recruiting officers. hmmm...