Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I guess that if I weren't watching Lost tomorrow night, I might take in a live show, or two.
Hallmark looks like a good bet at Hoko's on Powell. It's all ages and starts at 8.But from the looks of things, the early birds will get a rose. Awwww, that's sweet.

Otherwise, you can't really go wrong with the Railway Club.
I would certainly be there if I were still pouring booze down my neck.

Happy Birthday to BIG GAY JOHN in Cali!!

Get out and see some live music!!


ricaaaahhhh said...

I changed my mind, I love Desmond for his accent. I still love Jack too.

I felt that episode was a doozy. Yet it had one of the lowest viewers ever for LOST.

I hate being caught up now, because it's not like I can just go and watch the next episode on the DVD...

djmark said...

aw man Lost? really? i thought canadians had better taste. ;-)
actually i've never watched a whole episode so i can't talk shite.

ricaaaahhhh said...

Hey man, we've got to support the CanCon of the show, Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lily.

Then again, I supported the CanCon of Arrested Development, Will Arnett & Michael Cera, and that got me nowhere :/