Sunday, April 01, 2007


Dear woman at the bus stop,
I'm sorry that you have just come out of the Compassion Club and are feeling chatty, but I have to decline your invitation to conversation.

Though I am in my 'uniform' which is usually an open invitation to unload, I am wearing my headphones and listening to music.

Your opener was enchanting, "new running shoes?", but I had only a lackluster, "I guess..." in response.

I didn't see Bloc Party when they were here recently, and have never really heard them except for this cover. I like it!


KBAB said...

hahaha Keith always complains about this. the other day someone tried to talk to him (headphones on, etc.) and keith ignored him. then when keith finally did answer, the dude ignored him. i laughed when he told me that.

kntgrl said...

that's too funny.