Monday, February 27, 2006

"booooooring Sydney"!!!!!

Just found out that my old band will be playing with Jon Vanderslice in a month or so. I might have to go check that out. People seem to like the Vanderslice.

I must say that I was mocked for adding Zoilus to the old blog roll. Probably because I just heard of him. But who's kidding who, I'm a newcomer to this whole blog phenomenon, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'll save the score keeping for music or books or something else. So who cares. I was just happy to hear about him on the National Playlist which I listen to religiously every week day whilst I am strolling around at work. And now I'm there almost daily.

Sadly, my favourite virtual beardo will be on hiatus from Popsheep, but all those kids seem to be into good stuff. I have to laugh at some things when I heard my friend on one of their super obscure live radio recordings. I called my friend up immediately, 'cause he's been bummed N stuff. He needed to hear that people were listening and loving his bad jokes from days gone by.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reality vs Fiction

in my email: "XXX: I received this report from Constable Hancock
again. If you and neighbours are keeping track of
the goings-on at this
place, I'll pass on everything to the police. It
sounds worse than ever.
Have you heard of any of these characters? The
attack happened on 14
February at 9.00 a.m.

Thanks, XXXX

Sex trade worker was lured into XXX XXXXXXXX where
12 persons beat her,
including shaving her hair. vict had been resisting
working for a local
pimp only known as "DICKEY". victim was also
accused of ripping off 'ALFIE'
whom police believe to be susp. victim told PC's
that these 2 males have
been beating girls in the skids.

Weapons used: blunt end of machete/steel pipe

on my answering machine: "It's brenda calling from TOS HUB international. I'm just calling regarding the insurance on the Hummer which is expiring on febuary 26'th".

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My ipod is making me deaf

Seriously, I think I might be causing some serious harm to my ear drums. Perhaps someone else is familiar with this complaint. I had the ipod earphones that came with the thing, and they died shortly after. Of course. Then, I got the $85 dollar ones that go into your ears. I promptly dropped the extra 2 sets of buds on Hastings Street never to be seen again. Then I tried them out. I thought they sucked for the longest time, sounding primarily tinny, and completely lacking in bass. Then, I discovered the only way to make them work is to bloody cram the things in there, creating the necessary seal blah blah blah......and still everytime you moved your head or yawned, the buggers popped out!

So I'm dealing with them mostly 'cause I want my moneys worth.
But I'm starting to think that all is not well. I know that my hearing is going.

The 2 loudest shows ever encountered:
Dinosaur Jr on the Green Mind tour back in the late 80's
Broadcast at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the UK 2001.

Either way, it's happening, and I guess I'll just roll with it.

In the meantime, how to solve the headphones dilemma?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Some friends are playing at the Railway Club I might just head on down there with my sweetie.

It's one place I don't mind hanging out despite my ancientness.

happy day everyone

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Today was an absolutely glorious day all around. I don't know what will happen this evening however, as my neighbour is having an opening at the Alley Gallery. It would be nice to go, but I'm already feeling like a nap.
We lost another nice heritage home in the hood last night to a fire. It's too bad, and I can't help but think cynically about condominiums.

I'm going crazy without my turntable. It's ok to plug the ipod into our ancient receiver, but I mean really......
I need to hear some tunes.....and LOUD!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pardon me while I rock

Or I would if our turntable wasn't on the fritz.

I was listening to Love and thought their song No Matter what You Do sounded extra messed up! It kept changing speed, but I just thought it was the band. Too funny!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Is this anyway to start the weekend?

Jeebus Mary and Joseph!!!!

Reality is too much with me right now.
I had to stop at my favourite crack stop, "20 hour Grocery" today to call an ambulance on some girl doing the crack dance on the street in front of the thrift store. It was really upsetting. To see someone jerking and spazzing and not being aware of how vulnerable they are. Especially a young woman on Hastings street, as we watch the trial of that disgusting pig farm murderer on the news every night. It would be pretty easy to just throw her into a van. Especially when she's not even in control of her own body. It's not even a week since that last woman was murdered up by city hall. It's too much. I need a damn vacation from the neighbourhood.

Fortunately, we have an outing to go to this evening. Our buddy gave us a couple of passes to the Brian Jungen opening tonight. He's fantastic, check out the write up, he makes fantastic art out of really symbolic everyday objects. It's gonna be nuts though, 'cause we're leaving the toddler to run wild with my brother.

Pray for him.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Super Bizarro

Today I saw the weirdest thing. Well I'm always seeing weird things, but today was especially excellent.
I was just strolling down this super busy street doing my job, and across the road, which is 6 lanes of traffic AND a median, I see these two fellows talking. One is scruffy, in trackpants and a ball cap. They appear to know each other, and the one guys is really loaded down with stuff. He's holding a box of who knows what, and has at least 2 stuffed knapsacks, and what looks like a giant mesh bag with stuff in it.
All of a sudden, the one guy grabs the box and fires it into the street and the oncoming traffic. Then they're wrestling, and shoving each other, and dude loses his ball cap. So the guy that HAD been holding the box wanders out into the traffic to retrieve all that has flown up into the air there, and the other guy proceeds to nab a knapsack and runs home. I know where he lives, 'cause I see him all the time.
It was super weird. I kept thinking that he was just one of those thieving drug addicts that heads on into your place when you leave for work, so I was rooting for the guy who threw the box really.

It was SO bizarre. Neither of them had any moves at all!!