Monday, August 29, 2005

Village Green Preservation Society

"Yes people often change, but memories of people can remain."

Wow, I have finally listened to this album on my ipod. I had been avoiding it, associating the Kinks with songs like Lola and Come Dancing, which are both really over played and annoying.

This album is great. Naive maybe, but hey, we can't be negative cynical bastards all the time now can we? Can we?
I'm gonna give it some more listens, 'cause it's so positive.....and the world can really be so dark, I need this stuff.
I found a pool of blood on the way to work this morning, so was fairly disturbed all day.

Apparently some dude stole a cash register, then some other dude stabbed him for it.
I guess as long as these people just stick to stabbing each other, we'll all be fine.

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La Siciliana said...

I like the quote at the top of the post! It's so true...I guess eventually all we have left of people are our memories of who they use to be.

I guess if one guy is desperate enough to run down the street with a cash register he just stole, he shouldn't be too surprised that another guy is desperate enough to jack him for it, huh?