Sunday, August 28, 2005


I don't know how we're going to function when the inlaws return home.
It's been like having a nanny this past week and a half. I have had to do very little in the way of child care, between the old man and his mom. I can actually feel the energy level returning to normal. It also seems that the desire to be out and about has returned. It's been great. You can't keep a gemini down I guess. At least not half of the time anyway.
We went to an apple pie at Walker's new apartment last night. It was really fun. Not the incredible piss up that we enjoyed last weekend, but still a nice collection of people in a nice space. I was enjoying a night free of children when who should roll through the door but a couple of people toting their toddler along to an adult party. I was only mildly annoyed, and I say this in partial jest. For a toddler, she was pretty well behaved. No destruction, and no fussing that I could determine. Mine would have been tearing all about and draining glass wear and the like. Not in a Drew Barrymore sort of way, but just in a naughty sort of way. She's a handful. Karma's a bitch. I just want to keep one step ahead of her. For the time being anyhow.
Here's a pic of Walker and the increasingly notorious Jason McLean along with some gallery owner. Walker has a show coming up in London in the new year. She is doing fantastically well.
Earlier this year she had a showing in L.A. at the KristiEngle Gallery. That too I believe was a roaring success. What's next? Berlin? Moscow? We can only hope. I sure regretted not getting to her opening in California. I was stuck in that mentality of "I can't possibly leave the baby at home without me" phase. Ridiculous, but a necessary stage in a new mom's development I suppose. We are all so damn cliché non?
On the neighbourhood front, things have been uneventful for a few days.
That is, aside from some drug addict wandering into the busy street and being nailed by two young guys in a Toyota truck. He looked pretty bad from where I was standing, but I have to say that my sympathies were really with the drivers. They had no time to stop and what are you suppose to do with people who can't seem to keep themselves alive. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise for the guy. Maybe he'll be forced to detox.
Maybe he's a scum bag that just preys off of young women and he is better off somewhere else? I certainly don't have the answers, but the cops have created a ghetto in this city and now they say their hands are tied. I'm just trying to get by without having my soul sucked out by all the misery around here. It's a bit one note I know, but at least now I have a place where I can direct all my thoughts.
again, shouting into the void.....

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