Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's happening

Seems that a wave of positivity has come over me.
I'm gonna ride it because it doesn't really matter if it's real or just perceived, it has sufficiently kicked me into the weekend, and that's what it's all about.
Maybe it's because I'm taking on some charitable work,
or maybe it's that astrological thing happening....I was talking with my friend Joseph in the park today, who just happens to be a Virgo. He told me that Virgos and Geminis are suppose to be buddies.I am always glad to hear this, as sometimes even Geminis can't seem to be buddies. And I'm surrounded by Geminis in this 'hood!
So he's got a few years on me, and he's an artist, so I can relate to him as someone who perhaps has more experience than myself, and I'm gonna buy what he's saying. We had a good chat about this and that, and he put somethings into better perspective for me. I really value my older friends for their advice. It's nice to get some space of years. Our social groups can sometimes be a big boring monoculture.

We're gonna talk about him making some securty bars for us.
I'm not really into making my house a death trap, or a prison, but it's definitley time to take more serious security. It's scary to be embracing that fortress mentality I know, but maybe it should be done. He spoke of some meth head hurling a rock through his friend's living room window and stealing a purse. At six in the morning when everyone was sleeping.
That's insane. And this happened in a relatively good part of the neighbourhood.

Just yesterday afternoon, my dog prevented a break in at my neighbour's house.I was upstairs and heard some serious rooster barking, and by the time I made it down to the back of the house, I could just see some dirt bag heading out their front gate. I sent him on his way with a verbal salute. To which he responded, "I wasn't doing nothing". Um, yeah.
Ok, blathering be done.
Gonna sand and paint today for awhile.
The inlaws are coming and we must see some progress.


The Girl in Black said...

Air signs (Geminis) and earth signs (Virgos) can be the best of friends. They usually can be themselves with little inhibition or effort.

If the relationship tries to evolve into lovers, then things can get kind of annoying. Air signs are usually much more optimisic, out-going, and "up for anything" than practical and grounded earth signs.

Which is groovy for perspective and feedback. But it gets to be very trying if you're hoping for fireworks in a sparky physical relationship.

Sounds like you may have gained a valuable confidante. Good luck!

PS: Not a wonder some other Gems may annoy you. If you have different outlooks on any given day (good twin vs. bad twin)... can you imagine trying to guess which personality is driving our associates?

kntgrl said...

wow, a comment.
thanks for the info girl!

Jack said...

Pretty good Blog. I think I'll bookmark this one. If you get a chance check out mine, I'm one of those guys that was in VietNam and sprayed with Agent Orange & decided to put up a site about it. ---Jack---