Sunday, August 21, 2005

There is Life after Child

Last night I went out to my first house party in years. It has been nearly impossible to drag me out anywhere these days, 'cause I'm usually dead tired and wanting to crash in my bed at some ridiculously early hour. But since the in-laws are here and ready to assist, I went out with my man last night and had a wonderful time.

I saw friends that I haven't seen in quite a while, and got the lowdown on some upcoming shows. I haven't really been too into the live shows lately, mostly because I feel that I have seen everything already, and now that the new bands sound like everything I've heard before, I just can't get behind some of them. Like Dinosaur Jr for example. I mean sure, I loved them before, but that was eons ago, and do I really want to shell out big bucks to see those old guys? Not really. So I'm more into my friends bands, which I think are great. Act and party locally right?

So we stayed out late late late last night.
We dragged our recently singled friend out, and of course, who should wander in, but her X, swilling wine straight out of the bottle. Classy. After the initial awkwardness, coupled with the additional awkwardness of having to talk to another friend's girl, whom he refers to as "summer babe", but in reality is just another home wrecking whore. And that's another story.
But yes, I was nice, even though there is nothing there to talk about except herself, and she's not even that interesting. If she had some wit or charm or even a semblance of intelligence, that would be another thing. But she doesn't, so I mostly focused on "new" people and basked in their positivity. Why flog an old dead horse.

Overall I quite enjoyed the socializing.
The dancing wasn't bad either.
I guess Mercury has relaxed and life is returning to normal.
This is really only speculation, but I'm gonna go with it.

night night

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