Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Old Bitch

Ok, so I was home today with a gimped ankle.
Funny how I thought all would be well yesterday when it happened.
Wishful thinking?
It's always worse than I figure it will be.

So I spent the day at home, patrolling the joint and hobbling about doing this and that.
I saw the glorious Old Dutch truck pull up out front.
Old Dutch always makes me laugh and think of my Best Gal Leigh from Alberta.
Sadly, we have drifted, but nonetheless, I think of Old Dutch, or Old Bitch as Leigh used to like to call it,
a specifically Albertan thing.

This will have no meaning to most of you, but anyone from this land will know exactly what I'm talking about.
them albertans are special their own way
definitely a unique bunch anyhoo.....

so back to the story,

Anyways, I'm hanging up the laundry and I hear the back door of his truck finally open, so glancing outside,
I see a youngish working girl moving away from the truck,
then I see his dolly drop down to the ground and it seems that he's about to work.

Now I'm fairly paranoid about the goings on in the 'hood, because it's gotten pretty ugly of late, and there always seems to be something unsavoury going on.
In fact, my neighbour Jeff tells me that there was one roaring crack party happening on my porch last Sunday morning as he was heading off to work.
That would explain my crushed Irises.
He said there were at least 5 people and 2 bikes.


So to make a long story short,
I called in on the delivery guy for partying with a hooker when he should be working.
A bitter, nosey neighbour move I know.
But honestly, I do get sick of the antics.

I'm not going to edit this rant, but maybe I'll consider posting some warning at the beginning.

*danger, high rambling content

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