Saturday, September 03, 2005

There's a break in the clouds

Wow, it has taken a few days for the gravity of the flood situation to sink in. I'm always so reluctant to wade in because my mind is so reactionary until I start processing things.

I must be handicapable in some way.

It's also that my political views lean quite far on one side of the spectrum, even with the pockets of redneck that embarrassingly splurge forth at times. I don't need to call out the freaks and haters, they already appear in my bubble enough as it is!! I am a freak magnet, but less of one than in the past at least. We are making progress.
And yes, that IS a royal we.

When I finally got the scope of what was going on in the south, I couldn't believe the photos I was seeing on CNN. And I really had to control what I saw and heard, because it's hard enough for me to stay positive as it is. It's seriously a daily decision to try and stay positive, and then to see so much neglect and hardship ON OUR OWN CONTINENT, it was pretty bad there for a few days. I was baffled by all the talk of the looters and how heinous their supposed thefts it's a life or death situation people....who cares about a few vcrs or whatnot? Then I heard of some truly awful shit, and all the bad people that take advantage of crisis situations, to rape and such. I'm a bit of a Polyanna when it comes to that. I guess I need to have some falsely inflated optimism towards humans. Otherwise, how do you go on? Why even today I read something tawdry about cannibalism. Really? That's got to be a nasty rumour. But nothing would surprise me even more. Some cannibals get busy when times are good.

I don't really want to add much, except to say that I'm happy to see that America is confronting it's own biases for a change. It seems like the disconnect between reality and the media has been there for so long. Even in the mainstream, there was such an absence of self-criticism about so much. And I'm not even as focused as SOME bloggers. I usually get his news stories a couple of weeks after the event. But we don't come here for news do we? We come here to read the ramblings about the neighbourhood, and to survey the flotsam that bobs out of my head.

that's 'nuff rambling for now

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Jay V said...

in other news, it's good to see that you're using the word handicapable. i did a jay v mail on that word one day.