Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Avoid the Beating F**K OFF

Yrmom took all the credit for this one on Buzznet, but believe me, I took all the risk.
That's him and little "e" getting into that Hampton.

Why would someone wear a shirt like this in public? It totally freaks me out. So did finding him beside me after he acknowleged me taking a pic of him. His neck tattoos didn't scare me.

The PNE was such a great mix of humanity, how could you not just love everyone out there? I was well onto the freaks though. It must have been my motherspowers kicking in. I saw one guy, a grown adult male, dressed completely like Huck Finn. Yup, little straw hat, pants pulled up too high, with a weird belt cinched around him. And of course because I have this Freak Radar, the people always spot me out lookin'.
I can't help it, it's the peeping tom in me...and am just glad that I didn't get a beating for snapping this one....

teee heeeeeeee


Jay V said...

how did i miss this on the buzznet?!

kntgrl said...

damn spammers and their 'irritable bowel syndrome'!!!

John said...

Just heard a CBC story this morning where a teacher from out East made the sensible comment that one of the things that is hurting today's children is immature parents/adults.

As my wife wisely said after seeing a birthday slogan that read 'growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional', "Isn't that backwards? Shouldn't it be 'growing up is mandatory; growing old is optional'?"