Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blaaaaaaaaaahg your pain away

I'm home sick, and there are some that say I'm sick a lot, even though I feel like a super healthy person.
I felt this cold coming on all week, and Ibuprofin is just not kicking it. I would love some of those designer drugs that seem abundant in the good ole' USA, but I can't seem to get my hands on any.
I need a corrupt doctor.
So I'm just wallowing around today, and wish the head would detach itself from my shoulders for a while.
I'm determined to get some 'home chores' done, half dead or not. This is so offensive to say as I watch 24 hour non-stop Storm Watch on CNN.

Why don't I just kill my television once and for all!!?!!

I just dumped the remainder of Vij's heavenly Bengal 5 spice curry down the sick, so now I can smell the delicious aromas wafting up from the drains. mmmMmmmm delicious. Because I always rinse my dishes with hot water over the sink WITH the drying rack, so now I can count on that hot water mingling with the 5 day old, 5 spice curry, and drifting up to tantalize my nostrils. Excessuvis commas Accumulus. Yes, that is disgusting. And how's that for mundane? fer christs.

I do believe he must put crack in his curry, 'cause I could certainly eat it multiple times a week. We took our friends C and A from Claremont there, and we loved it to bits. Vij's. It's a fusion restaurant, so there are some interesting hybrids, but I'm much to conservative, or habitual to try anything different. Their Saag Paneer is to die for. Creamy and spicy and out of control really. Their Daal, which I would normally never order, and find too boring, is even fantastic. I would recommend this place to any tourist coming into Vancouver. It's just not cheap, so be prepared to shell out and enjoy!!

I do feel better. Hope this passes whatever it is.

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if nothing else, you have GREAT hair