Sunday, September 25, 2005

Go West Young Man

I have just received news that my delinquant 20 something brother will be arriving sometime this week in Vancouver. I'm not sure that he has a plan, nor am I sure that he has any money, but he will be showing up here after riding in a car across the better part of Canada. That alone is a pretty amazing feat.

I know he's done it once before, because my mother took both of my brothers camping back when they were young lads. Not bad for a single mother with 3 kids. I was already off at Uni by this time.
So anyways, yeah. I have fears that he'll just get hooked on the Chronsky and then spend all of his time on the couch, not to mention the harder drugs that are literally a stone's throw away. Hopefully he's smarter than that. The drug scene here is just so harsh, that I can't help but worry.

I almost committed a GIANT blog faux pas yesterday as I was setting something up for our little neighbourhood group! I just went about my business setting up a new blog, and then realized that it was DIRECTLY connected to this blog, where I rant and rave about the hood, and just generally blow off steam about this N that.
That would be SO bad, for someone to read what I have written if it's not entirely favourable. YIKES! This is just a problem that I seem to get myself into over and over again throughout the years. It goes back, baby, and I can remember very early shadowy memories of how this behavior started.
Just one of the many dangers of putting all this stuff somewhere.


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