Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I got this stupid email today...

"There is a house for sale on 800 Union st. for 719,000. It has a
finished basement suite ready to rent and is beautifully done upstairs.
Garage back yard etc. if you want to let your friends know.
- Bink"

Isn't that fuckin' ridiculous? I don't even really know this person, so am wondering how I even got on this list?
Thanks for lettin' me know Binks, I'll take 2!!!

And I am SO sick of talking about real estate! UGH.
boring Sydney!!!


Jay V said...

back off, k, that house is mine!!!

ilisu said...

then i will not invite you to watch uk tv since 50% of it is about real estates, housing, fixing up houses, fixing up gardens, property ladders, etc etc.

i will also uninvite myself too.