Monday, September 12, 2005

A Mom blab... be forewarned!!!

Now I know why they call them the terrible twos.
It's like the child is posessed, with some irrational, dramatic, force that just keeps them going on for hours and hours and hours...until......(%@#$%$#@!!!!!%@$%)!!! And this is not hard to deal with, if you are in the right frame of mind, but if you are in the least bit tired, or divided in thought, and nearing the edge, you can be carried along in the chaos quite nicely until you realize that you are being PLAYED!!!

So we've signed the toddler up for tumbling class, where she can go with one of us, to burn off steam in the gyn, on a mat, with other kids. Good idea non?She has literally been flying off the couch lately. She's ALWAYS trying to do front rolls, and headstands, and all sorts of silliness.
I have been in many discussions with other moms over this 'to enrole', or 'not to enrole' aspect of parenting. I fall soundly in the middle and tend to tune out when some mothers starting listing off the activities, they do, which can amount to 4 days a week. Let the poor kid be a kid....sheesh. But if you have no ideas, maybe it's good to get in there. I dunno.

music appreciation, tumbling, yoga, swimming, art, dance, etc, etc, It's all a bit overwhelming really. And these sound like the good ones to me. How many other weird ones are out there that I just don't know about?

On the other end of the spectrum is the 'phobic of the outside world' mom, who rarely, if ever enroles her children in some extra curricular activity. What's the deal? "Oh, we tried the swimming thing, the teacher spent all the time with the weak kid".
Uh, yeah, it's called life, and maybe your child needs to learn some tolerance. Not to mention that swimming can be a life or death activity.

A life skill even.

What good is a bunch of pre teens on the beach wearing life jackets? If there's one thing that you should teach your child, it is to swim.I don't wanna be a buzz kill, so I'll just add that something really terrible happened around here regarding a toddler drowning, and it was a BAD scene. It was also connected to me as a business relationship, so I guess I'm passionate about this one. Teach your child to swim!!!

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Jay V said...

From the terrible twos to swimming.

Nice. :)