Friday, November 24, 2006

Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace has invaded my itunes!!
Does this guy have ibooks, or podcasts or other such stuff?
Of course he does, and now it's in my itunes. Jeebus!!

Maybe he'll appear on my ipod too.......*wink*


KBAB said...

na-ice! i heart DFW. especially infinite jest....i need to read that again. DFW podcast!! i'm there!

kntgrl said...

again Kbab? I haven't even been through it once....though the infinite jest is me pretending to my man that DFW is just another mediocre writer....ha ha....drives him crazy.

I WILL be the last one on earth to
a)own a cell phone
b)get through that G I A N T tome

Anonymous said...

I guess I should return that 10th anniversary Infinite Jest Cell Phone then.

KBAB said...


it's worth it. i agree with yrmom.

freakpowertix said...

i thought that i posted her already?

is it cuz i'm now a "beta?!"