Monday, November 20, 2006

Meditation on a Mouse and a Mouse

We still have mice!! After killing 4 of them. They live.
I refuse to go to the sticky tape solution though. Seems completely inhumane. Though I don't suppose that a mouse has enough intellect to sit around pondering it's own existence, I still wouldn't want one to chew off it's own limb in a desperate attempt at escape.

I'm glad that Freaky T has finally got his own blog. He's been needing one for awhile now, and finally, he's 'diversified'.Yippeeeee!!!!!

You know that thing when you get a new mouse and the thing just has a mind of it's own? That's where I'm at right now. Finding out all of the new wonderful things that my mouse can do.

That said, I'll end the mouse theme now.

In other matters of great import, we have finished watching 2 whole seasons of Lost, and have caught up on this seasons 6 episodes. It was a delicious guilt free marathon!!!!The whole time I was watching, I kept flashing back to posts on the The Busblog, which I had been misreading for months as The Bushblog. I can't remember the details, but the obsession was always there.
Now I understand why. It's a damn good show, but it does sometimes fall short of what your imagination has painted. What are we to do with ourselves now? Converse? Play Scrabble? Other things? At least I have a good jump on making some pretty special Christmas Gifts if I must say so myself.

Back to work.


freakpowertix said...

i had a blog before. just on a server you were not wanting to acknowledge to the outside world!

kntgrl said...

I acknowledged buzznet....had a link on here once.

but really, I don't put people's myspace up here either...and really, haven't they become the same thing?