Friday, December 01, 2006

Right on Schedule

Everything is right on schedule.

It's scary how the universe clicks into order sometimes. I've learned not to even dwell on the idea, just go with it and enjoy.

Have decided to go into work this Sunday for double time and a half.
I always said that I would never do that. I guess the consumer season has got me thinking that it's better to buy in cash.
That's the way I roll now. Cash only for large, self indulgent items.

On the mouse front, our little killer got another one today with an assist from dad. He opened the pantry door and saw something scurry, so he got the kitten, pointed it into the direction of the pantry, and voila, one more mouse out of our house.

Total mouse count to date: 5


KBAB said...

nice assist, yrmom!
can't hardly turn down 2.5 time...

ricaaaahhhh said...

Yes, 'tis a great time of year for government employees to cash in all of that overtime. I'm ridiculously tired and bitchy, but when that cheque comes in, I'll still be ridiculously tired and bitchy, but with some cash in my wallet. Cha ching!