Friday, November 17, 2006

The sky is falling, the sky is falling

The other day, we were driving home, and I saw this really sketchy guy carrying a bunch of what looked like stolen stuff. I only say this because he had one of those tell tale black gym bags awkwardly overstuffed, and he was carrying something that was obviously a television covered by one of those Mexican cotton blankets.
It was a purple and white one.
HEY!! We have a purple Mexican blanket like that!

Short of stopping the car and beating and robbing this unsuspecting man of his stuff while our toddler looked on, we decided to fly home first to see if anything had been disrupted. Fortunately, it was someone else's stuff...and blanket. Good thing we didn't act upon our impulses. We are learning and growing everyday. Ha!

In other urgent matters...
Vancouver has been told that their water is unsafe to drink.
Charming. Oh well, at least it's a good test for us unprepared types.

Question: Is it wrong to steal your neighbour's water that has been sitting on their front porch for a week? I don't usually condone thievery, but really, take your water inside girly! It has suddenly become more valuable, and if I don't take it someone else will. I'm reminded of that Lost episode where the water becomes scarce and precious. And why am I so damn thirsty all the time?

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