Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm Walkin' Here...

I've had it with drivers and their anger issues. In this town, people don't even stop when they hit someone legally crossing in the crosswalk. They just mow them down and drive away. Every week the police are on the news asking people to come forward and turn themselves in. It is pretty ugly. What ever happened to common decency?

As for cycling, you have to be pretty gutsy to ride here. It can feel like every trip out sometimes is a risk.

In the summer, one of my good friends broke her collarbone when a car decided to make a left hand turn in front of her. She was traveling at a good clip, and therefore had no time to stop. She bounced off the car. It was a nasty break. Then, a few months later, we see another friend of ours sporting a fashionable black cast on her arm. Same scenario. Hit by a car while riding her bike.

My 3 year old child has already been in an accident with a car, while riding in her trailer behind her dad. It was such a stupid accident, that it makes me wonder if the geezer behind the wheel was even capable of operating a motor vehicle. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident, but it was so unnecessary.

And maybe it's just me, or maybe it's because I'm in the business of walking, but these ridiculous, stupid scenarios have even come even to me,a pedestrian, as I walk along the sidewalk. I'm not talking about the risk taking that I do when I decide to 'J' walk across a certain 6 lane stretch of my route; but after several times of nearly being mowed down at the lights while crossing legally, I have decided that it is better to do the dash....when I can be certain that there are no cars coming. I am super cautious though, because it wouldn't be hard to be surprised.

So yesterday, I'm at work, and I almost get hit by a van which runs a Stop sign and nearly takes me out. He missed me by maybe 2 feet, which is pretty hair raising. I point at the sign, and he finally decides to stop long enough to yell out, "SHUT YOUR HOLE YOU BITCH!!!!". Does he forget that he is driving around with his business labeled on the side of his van? Sheesh. Deal with yourself guy. I called his boss and told her about his potty mouth.

Also yesterday, my co-worker encountered the biggest Samoan guy in Vancouver, who parks his car, and chases him into an apartment building and spits on him repeatedly. All this because he didn't want to stop to allow someone to cross. Thankfully, my co-worker is not a fighter, so managed to rise above such reprehensible behaviour and sends him on his way.

Is it just me, or do these responses seem somewhat over the top?
Just another manic sign of the times I suppose.

Can I have a collective OHM please?!


Freak Power Ticket said...


um, i'm going to start to bike to work. almost 100% trail, though, with no motorized traffic. it'll be fun when i get to campus, though...

btw: i really dig joe buck & ratso'suits!

& you aren't overreacting!

ricaaaahhhh said...

Jeebus! I thought Vancouver was way more relaxed than Toronto when it came to that kind of stuff.

KBAB said...

sometimes i want to step out into the crosswalk (ot intersection) just to prove a point. even if they do hit me. not really but you know. they JUST made it a law in OR that pedestrians have the right away and motorists aren't taking it seriously. of course how do you enforce it across the board? infuriating!