Saturday, April 08, 2006

Vancouver's shitty drivers: keepin' the stereotypes alive!

So my child is not yet 3, and she has already been hit by a car while riding in her bike trailer enroute to daycare. It happened on the bike path. How fucking stupid! I don't understand why cars need to compete for space on the bike path when there are so many other streets in the city, but there they are; racing for the lights, looking for a short cut, and downright not respecting the rights and safety of cyclists and their cargo...aka, children.
The moron who hit my husband and child was stopped at Templeton high school, and almost hit the cyclist in front of my husband. Then, still confused as to who would have the right of way, he accelerates into my husband and daughter. Does this guy have a license? He certainly doesn't understand the rules of the road.

The whole route was disrupted while firetrucks and police officers arrived on the scene. I believe that it was better that this happen to my husband, as I would have likely dragged the old man from his vehicle and induced some bodily harm. The attitudes of some drivers in this city really pisses me off. Especially as I am a pedestrian for work during the day, and I can't even cross with a green light safely. I would rather j-walk across 6 lanes of traffic and a cement divider than trust that cars will obey the signals at an intersection.

I guess I just needed a rant, but really, it's a great headache. Now my husband has to run all over the city pricing and estimating for the ICBC nonsense, and his bike, less than a month old, has a bent frame and other issues. ARRRGH!

*damn, I wish this thing had grammar check!


freakpowertix said...

tell yrmom to hang in there!

l'il e isn't feeling too traumatized i hope?

so, cagey is a fighter! ;)

Let's go get some tacos said...

jeez, how scary! hope everyone is OK!

ricaaaahhhh said...

You have the right to rant...although for some reason, I would have liked to see you kick some ass.

Little E is okay, though? Will she be too scared to go in the trailer again? Will you let her?

kntgrl said...

she says she's up for it Rica, but for about 4 nights after the crash she had an obviously different bedtime routine.
I think she'll be ok though....she's a trooper! raise a little hell little e!

ricaaaahhhh said...

That's good to know, kids are tough that way.

As I said to yrmom, if I lived in Vancouver, you'd have a free babysitter, little E is just too cute for words(I know, as if that's what you want, some creepy girl you met on the internet watching over your child). Okay, and I want an excuse to play with Playdough.