Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Too Posh to Push

I heard this phrase on the radio today and it keeps resurfacing in my brain. arrgh. no comment.

I saw these two old Chinese ladies around some knitting that I put outside, and I was trying to see what they were doing.
At first I thought it was some kids, so I was gonna tell them to take a hike, but as we got closer, it became evident that they were two Grandma's with their matching backpacks and hats. Not trucker hats, though they also are very popular amongst the senior set around here.

It got me thinking about setting this stuff free out there. I like to see it around, but don't know how to say adios. Like that excellent piece at the corner of Main and Union that was just stucco'd over one day. And to think that I had planned to liberate it. Another can of worms for a person that knows no etiquette about such things. was a great painting just mounted onto the side of a building, and there was a matching one on the other side of the building. They were awesome, but when they did the half assed Reno, they just stucco'd right over the two of them. bummer.

Some boring business owner decided that it would be better to paint over this gorgeous mural. boo to them!

Have fun at the Pink Mountain Tops tonight!
Can you do that dance?

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RockO said...

great photo. i saw this on the buzz!