Sunday, April 09, 2006

that would be good

It's nice to see the Battles getting so much love. It's been a long time without 'em.

Go over to popsheep and check out their site. I have to learn how to post songs from my own 'puter. I'd like to put a song on here...'sigh.

You CAN go see a pic of their last show here.

On another note, it's been a busy morning. Street theatre, the police, and a woman with a cat carrier were all involved. Plus, I just saw some really ruff lookin' lady pluck every flower from the garden across the road. Grrrrrr.
Thankfully, we have a cocktail date at 4:30 that accepts toddlers. m hm....!


mitya said...

for posting audio on your own site, check out for some reason i can't always get it to work for me, but a fair number of other people seem to use it.

hip hip for cocktails!

ian said...

Hey, thanks for the linkage over to popsheep.

A pretty easy way to post songs is using . Some of the MP3 blogs use it, and it seems to work ok. I occasionally use it to send super big files and whatnot to larger groups of people.

kntgrl said...

hey thanks you guys....I'm gonna check it out!

ricaaaahhhh said...

Mwa ha ha! Me too! I'm such a copycat it sickens me.

freakpowertix said...

how about posting music @ that other blog site, yo?

didja ever master that?!?

(you're so "independent!")


i'm sorry... i think i'm just jealous of my buzzlesser blog friends...