Friday, April 14, 2006

I cannot tell a lie......

I jammed on the Destroyer show. Sold my ticket to my neighbour. They are gonna revoke my indie rock card!

I just couldn't face the idea of the next morning. I know......I'm a loser why don't you kill me!


freakpowertix said...


don't know them... yet!

but, oh... i hear ya, cagey!!!!

getting old SUX OUT LOUD!!!!!!



ps - why doesn't someone save that poor burnt-faced, water-spouting boy!!!!!!


please! (peep...)

Let's go get some tacos said...

that's like the creepiest photo ever

mitya said...

boo! hiss! you post about the show and bail the same day?

(although i know the feeling. usually, though, if i manage to get the tix in advance then i usually follow through.)

kntgrl said...

give it to me mitya, I deserve it. But that's the way I roll.
It's one of my biggest 'things'.I skipped the Wedding Present! I skipped Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan! : /

Jay V said...

ok but seriously that picture scares me.

ricaaaahhhh said...

But the nap, Knitgirl! The nap! You would have been okay!

marque le dj said...

staying up late is hard to do.