Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter to everyone

This is a drawing done by my friend Carrie Walker. She's a fantastic Vancouver artist who has a nice spread in the latest Bordercrossings magazine. You'll have to buy a copy though, 'cause their webpage doesn't seem to be updated.
She gave it to me because it reminded her of my daughter. We often trade things, and I just love it. Though it's not on the wall, it has been sitting out with us for at least 2 years now. I move slow on some things.


freakpowertix said...

every time i see rabbits now, i tend to think of "alice in wonderland."

just make sure that drawing doesn't disappear down some rabbit hole, yo!

that is fantastic! happy day in wonderland, kntgrl!!!


ricaaaahhhh said...

Alice in Wonderland makes me think how much I want this costume, and the cleavage to go with it.

As for the picture, some people's talent just floors me.

ara said...

i LOVE the bunny!