Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vancouver Special

With the news being extra heinous of late, I am finding it too difficult to be aware. I wish that I could just live glazed, without the burden of whatever it is that makes you recognize the supreme ugliness of humanity. It is a struggle everyday to stay positive.
I guess this is why we have music, and books, and art. They are distractions from the stuff we don't want to recognize. Or recognize, if you're into that kind of thing. I am sometimes.

I'm just going to go on a rant here for a minute, and it's mostly local, so I'll understand if you bail.I was browsing the Vancouver Heritage site today, mostly out of interest, and stumbled upon some upcoming proposals. I'm not diving into the heritage society, but I'm glad that some people out there are interested in maintaining some of the character of old time Vancouver.

It's getting ugly in East Van, where all sorts of cute post ww2 homes are getting bulldozed down at an alarming rate. And I'm not talking about the infamous, and bland Vancouver Specials. Anyhoo....what they are replaced with is atrocious to the eyes. Large mouldy stucco boxes.

Here in our hood, I passed by a place up for 1.8 million. And there are hookers literally 2 blocks away. It's ruthless. The greedy broad that purchased the place only 2 years ago got it for something a little more than half a million. It boggles the mind.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe the cost of real estate in does a normal person make it?


freakpowertix said...

you should take a picture of the "mouldy stucco boxes," cagey...

just curious.

fokkin' yuppies!!!