Wednesday, March 08, 2006

light rain my arse

Besides, it isn't light when you're in it for 4 odd hours or so. I was fully decked out in all the gear today too. Magic wicking shirt, vest, goretex jacket, long underwear, goretex pants, and the to top things off......the G I A N T yellow cape. It is truly a sight to behold.

It was nasty, with mixed slush and rain at times. It was slippery. And I only fell once, but I'm not writing it up out of fear of some sort of hassle. So hopefully the old injuries won't flare up again.

I also found $5.
So it pays to walk around all hang dog looking at the ground.

1 comment:

freakpowertix said...

um... pictures?!?

i mean, c'mon now, cagey. you know your fans are soooooo very much missing more pictures of you.

you are such a cutie. & they just went & disappeared. "poooof"

i know, i know, the camera is busted & all. but you can hit it a few times, right? just for us?