Monday, March 20, 2006

The Feeding Frenzy Continues

I watched some of the open houses this weekend, and then spotted some friends of ours who were scouting around here. They have sold their 2 bedroom condo, but haven't yet found anything new so they are negotiating to possibly rent out their old place. Yikes! Anything can happen.

The WISH group has sparked a real discussion with the 'parental information sharing group' that we're connectied with here in the hood. Someone had written a letter to the effect that we didn't approve of the location, and that it would cause every creepy john in the universe to just circle the building until the ladies hit the street again. So "no" we weren't in agreement with it.

It wasn't long until emails started rolling in stating the opposite in fact. That yes, we do approve of this facility being nearby. It's such a touchy subject, but seeing the amount of violence to women that goes on around here on a daily basis, you can't help but think that resources are not the problem.

We did decide that this parentall group should stick to information sharing, and not making political decisions for all.
It's easier to just stick to the real estate rants really. Argh.

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ricaaaahhhh said...

I'm just glad there's a group of people like WISH to help the ladies.