Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yesterday was SO bizarre.
It started with a body under a bridge.

There was a group of men in dark clothes all standing on, and looking over this railway bridge near where I work. I was walking and looking, and knew immediately that something was up. The police tape was another indicator. So I stopped at the gas N go place, and who should walk in but the friendly neighbourhood pedophile. Of course I befriended him immediately, 'cause he seemed like a nice old guy, then some other neighbour gives me the "pssssssst, he's a serious, convicted, and served his time pediphile you know".


So leave it to me to meet some freak like that. He still talks to me, and I try to be civil. Guys like that should be peeled.

The day finally culminated with some Felliniesque street theatre of drug dealers and their entourages dancing and scratching in the street, as movie filming displaced them from their usual haunts. It is truly a sight to behold, but a little too close for comfort when it's right in front of your house. So I called the cops a few times, and just watched from behind the glass with my coffee cup. I am such a voyeur it's not even funny!
Cat power is finally growing on me. I have a real love hate relationship with the girl. But the music sure gets stuck in the brain!


freakpowertix said...

you need a break from all that insanity in the 'couv, no?

damn. the mean streets!!!

cat power: still need to dig into her stuff... sometimes that style of music is harder for me to get around to... too "vulnerable" or sumpin'...

"bye" cagey!!!

Anonymous said...

Free entertainment. What more can you ask for?

Is that pedofile like that neighbour in Family Guy that is incredibly creepy? Shiiiivvveerrrrr....