Monday, March 27, 2006

ugly stuff

Sadly, sometimes you need to weed out the people in your life that cause you grief. I make no claims to being an expert in human relationships and all, but last night I was floored by my 3 year old. She asked perfectly by name about a certain person, where this person was, and where their kids were and what were they doing?
My husband had the same experience a day or so earlier.
It was incredibly sad...a succinct reminder of the irrationality of emotions and such....stubborness, forgiveness, trust, etc......bleh
It is very difficult to explain adult logic, to a child so I just didn't even bother. I just answered her questions to the best of my ability and carried on with the bedtime routine. It was completely flabbergasting in it's clarity.

on a lighter note, it couldn't be a nicer day!


ricaaaahhhh said...

I'm sorry someone so beautiful had to remind you of something so ugly. But the beautiful is in your life, the ugly isn't, unless you let it. I say focus entirely on the former. Little E is the best kid ever.

freakpowertix said...

i'd like to meet esmee.

y'all can keep in mind too that there are lots of cool people out here in the world still to get to know, right? =)

you're obviously a great mom, kg.

&... btw... i still can't make sense of celsius! (frikkin' reagan 80s!)

mitya said...

quite sensible although for the most part i am a "never say die" person and always view my own thoughts as arising from moments of defeatist pique.

but i'm not even married, so what would i know?