Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Worst Christmas on Record

I must be getting better, because I'm feeling less despondent and more irritated. This is the second Christmas in a row that I've been ill and unable to eat any chocolate.
To top things off this year, I'm not even drinking. Not a drop. Not that I would be able to anyhow.

I don't really miss the booze, but time does crawl when you're not well. You can't even sprawl around and watch tv because it's impossible to get comfortable. Plus the projectile vomiting adds an element of surprise to nearly everything.

Then there's the sick smell. I don't mean the obvious barf smell, but the sour one that comes from within that you can't seem to shake. I have been advised to "brush my tongue", but I'm well aware of dental hygiene, so I don't need any advice from someone that has been walking around with a temporary filling in their mouth for YEARS! COME ON!!!

See what I mean about irritable?

Total mouse count to date: 6


ricaaaahhhh said...

Ha ha, I feel your pain. I Just wrote about it today. Luckily I got it on Tuesday, so I was still able to eat chocolate. But you don't want to hear a story like that from a girl with braces, I mean, Come On!

Freak Power Ticket said...

y'all get better now real soon, ya hear?!

bukay said...

Okay, what about The Company? Have you been absent from its demands for perpetual admail distribution (and screw the trees)? I'm an RLC in Nanaimo and have been on forced overtime twice the last six weeks. I figure you can make it into work. If you use a dual satchel, one side can be for the sick business and the other side for the mail and admail. (Hold it. Is that redundant)?

Good luck to you. Tough it out. Get strength. You know what's coming the next week, eh? Tax forms, Publishers Clearing House, more Capital One....Yeeee Hawwww!

kntgrl said...

I have puked at work before, but this time I couldn't even get in.
What's the point when the delivery is 3.5 hours on a good dry day.

I'm powered up alright. Ready for the stinkin' hornets nest that is my workplace.