Saturday, December 23, 2006

Have an Itchy Scratchy Christmas!

Unlike last year, when we were all gaunt and afflicted with some sort of flu, this year, we are harboring disgusting little pests in our hair. It's SO heinous and nasty, but a fact of life now I guess. I somehow managed to go my entire life without catching the wee little buggers, but having a husband that works for the school board, and a child in public daycare, our world has been rocked. So gross.

Tonight will be our 3'rd week of treatments. And it has been a nice excuse to avoid all the holiday mayhem by saying, "Oh, sorry, we can't make it tonight. We have to wash our hair".
Thankfully, there is a new treatment which is non-toxic, but trying to get a 3 year old to sit still for any length of time is still very much a challenge.
I guess everyone will get lice these days, but it still doesn't stop me from feeling total disgust and revulsion at the idea that these parasites are feasting on my scalp. All I have to do is think about it and I'm scratching like mad.

Hopefully after tonight's final treatment, all will be well.

I hope you and yours are not dealing with anything like this during the holidays.
Have a merry HO HO!!


KBAB said...

the itchy and scratchy shooooooow!
sorry that sucks
but at least it's not guinea worms!

kntgrl said...

Jeeeeebus.....that's horrible!

KBAB said...

this week's postsecret made me laugh and think of you b/c you're the only mail carrier i know...

Freak Power Ticket said...

oh my... what a sucky week! :(