Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yes but he's OUR pain in the ass...

The other day our Homeopathic Vet showed up on her bike for a house call.
Yup, a Homeopathic Vet. And yes, she came to our house.

It was great, but really stressful as our 14 year old cat Chico was far from compliant.
She needed to take blood from him, so instructed us (the hubby and I) on how to hold him. I held the front legs with one hand, and with the other, tried to tilt his head back, but not too far, with the idea of keeping him motionless. My husband took care of those jack-rabbit back legs.
I wouldn't have thought that a 14 year old cat could have so much strength, but the guy was a force to be reckoned with. The vet would flinch, and remind me to hold him still. I was super stressed 'cause Chico would jerk and make this howling sound every time she tried to get a needle into his neck.

We tried several times to draw blood from his neck. A couple of times we tried to take from him back leg, but this too was difficult because you needed to press onto the vein to make sure it didn't move. Arrrgh. It was too much. I feel like I aged about 5 years, and the strain was evident on the other's face too. Even the vet was flustered by our stubborn and remarkably strong cat.

We eventually gave in and administered a sedative, but only after we were all sufficiently rattled. Poor Chico. He must have felt like a damn pin cushion. The remedies for both cat and dog were peculiar. Chico had 2 doses of a magic dust, that we were to sprinkle onto his gums. Yoshi had wee tiny pellets, but they must have worked, 'cause I do see an improvement in his kitten scratch gone bad.

It was an experience for all!
Thankfully, all balance has been restored. HA!


KBAB said...

I can totally relate; we've been shoving antibiotics down Mia's throat 2x daily and I can't decide who hates it more, us or her. At least we love them and don't just let them get old and die like in the oldendays. ha

ricaaaahhhh said...

Homeopathic vet.
'Nuff said.
Actually, you said it first.