Sunday, January 29, 2006

take me out

Had a night out last night, at a little Jewel in Gastown.
It was a private birthday party, in a great space, with one of those lap top djs.
Gotta love the lap top dj!!!

A totally hilarious thing happened...this girl at the party said, did you used to play music?, 'cause I used to work at the (now defunct) Sugar Refinery. It was a total trip, and I laughed my head off, 'cause it was so damn ridiculous.
The food was great, the folks were FINE and at times the music wasn't bad either.
Sadly, because I wasn't in a dancin' mood, everyone seemed determined to get me onto the floor, which was a piss off actually.
I hate that shit.

Now if they'd been playing New Drug Queens by the Pink Mountaintops
if you love the Pink Mountaintops, grow a giant beard!!!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog, so now I'm visiting yours. Hope you don't mind, but I even added you to my blogroll, because I had a perfect image for you.

p.s. I love the title of your blog, it makes me laugh :D


freakpowertix said...

rica & kntgrl... you crazy canucks rock! =)

Kely said...

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