Monday, January 23, 2006

Voting Day in Canada eh!!

It's that time again, and it's here all too soon.
The entire campaign has been a mess.
Adults behaving badly, scandal, etc etc...but what's an election without corruption?
I'm excited to sit around this evening and watch the results roll in, though I'm sure that I haven't backed a winner. Well, our candidate WILL win in our East Vancouver riding, but as for a healthy showing in Ottawa, it's not looking good. Our 3'rd party candidate always wins, but it's essentially a 2 party country at the moment, so I'm not hopeful.

One of the problems seems to be that Canadians are notoriously conservative, but not in a government sanctioned executions, anti choice, anti immigrant sort of way. We don't really go for that bible thumpin' up heref. Our probable new leader will be a supreme lackey to 'merica for sure, and I'm not sure that he's the best person to represent us around the world. He's a classic YA HOO from one of our Western provinces, but to his credit, I believe he has been off the continent at least once, which is something that Dub'ya wasn't able to boast during his election to office. What is up with that?!?

Oh well, people are scared to vote for who they really believe in, considering it a wasted vote and all, but I'm not letting that trouble me. I'm not lookin' to be a winner, though it would be nice.....I'm just lookin' to keep it real. Cheers. !

Listen to heart of snow by Black Moutain
if you love black mountain, grow a giant beard!!!!


Gunnella said...

Are you kidding me, I don´t have much (read 'any') respect for the man but he really hadn´t left the country when he was sworn in? That should make for a good world leader as they like to see themselves...not..
oh and envy .. never seen Bryan Addams live ;-)

mitya said...

No Bush lover here, but I should point out, gunnella, that there are at least three different countries on the North American continent -- Canadians always bust U.S. citizens on mistakes like that -- and Bush's fluent Spanish was one of his big selling points during the first campaign, not that he seems to have used it much in office.

Second, even detractors admit that Dubya had visited half-dozen other countries (China, Israel, Egypt, and Gambia) before his election, even if he probably did spend most of the time looking for a McDonald's or down the pub.

Nothing personal, I just think you have to use bullet-proof arguments to get these guys out of office. Otherwise they just spend their time effectively pointing out your mistakes and everyone misses out on the underlying point. Even though it's correct despite the mistakes.

freakpowertix said...

you're all text-based now, cagey! words become you! (but i still miss all of the fotos =(

btw: um... black mountain?

they fucking ROCK my world!!! it's on right as i type away!!! on my next radio show!

we need to figger out a way of communicating more about music, u! i miss that one gallery you had on the buzz!